Kung Fu-films

Kung Fu is one of the few genres of cinema I like besides spaghettis.

But I only like the early ones from the 70’s, Hong Kong productions with Bruce Lee of course, and Jimmy Wang Yu, Lo Lieh and some others.

Some Japanese ones are also pretty good.

I don’t like the newer ones, 80’s and upwards, they just don’t have the same atmosphere at all.

And if they tried to make spaghettis nowadays it would be the same thing, not the right atmosphere!

However I do like the Steven Seagal martial arts-films from the late 80’s/early 90’s, they’re really great, and incredibly violent ;D

Sadly Steven Seagal has only made crap films for the last ten years, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more good stuff from him, too bad :-\

When your talking about kung fu, you got to talk about Sonny Chiba

I don’t like Chiba, I think he is overrated.

But I like “Sister Streetfighter”, great film!

overrated, Bruce Lee is overrated dont get me wrong I like Bruce Lee but I like Sonny Chiba more.

anybody ever see master of the flying gulliotine?

[quote=“me, post:5, topic:368”]anybody ever see master of the flying gulliotine?[/quote] no. but i want to

I also want kung-fu the series,with carradine.Iv’e only seen a handfull of his movies lone wolf mquade,circle of iron,the long riders,last stand at saber river,kill bill,death race. any carradine movies out there that someone can reccomend?

Will I’ve only seen death race,kill bill, and I watched kung fu when I was little. Is circle of Iron any good?

Circle of iron not so good,the main actor sux,but eli wallach makes a short appearance.IF you havent seen lone wolf mquade i reccomend it, im not a big chuck norris fan, but this is a good one,and carradine plays one mean dude.

‘Master Killer’ is great ! Do y’all know 'Lady Snowblood ???

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[quote=“Bluntwolf, post:10, topic:368”]‘Master Killer’ is great ! Do y’all know 'Lady Snowblood ???[/quote] if you like lady snowblood check out zero woman:red handcuffs,black cats revenge,sex and fury,wandering ginza butterfly.

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What about the Lone wolf & cub movies they’re kickass…But those movies aren’t Kung-Fu movies more Samurai

Ive only seen shogun assassin and shogun assassin 2 but Im gonna buy the box set someday.

Martial arts-films are fun to watch, but artistically of course you can’t compare them to the best spaghettis by Leone, Corbucci, and others.

Many 70’s Hong Kong movies are very cheaply made, and they even have stolen music as scores :smiley:

Regarding Shogun Assassin, aren’t thoses films a little influenced by spaghettis?

A samurai and his son drifting around in a wasteland?

The lovely YUKATA NAKAJIMA, a frequent co-star in sonny chiba films.street fighter,the executioner,the killing machine.

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bruce lee

Kaji Meiko aka Lady Snowblood

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I watched Bruce Lee’s FIST OF FURY this afternoon,it was kinda dull.

Bruce lee to me tries to be all badass but sonny chiba doesnt try he just is hahaha!

Whats your five most wanted Kung Fu movies?