Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West / Kung Fu nel pazzo west (Man Yi Yang, 1973)

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A couple of weeks ago I received the Dutch vhs of this film, but only now mustered up the courage to watch it. I’ve watched half an hour of it so far and it is unbelievably bad. Horrible cinematography, lousy acting, no pace and a flimsy story. The fights are awful and the main kung-fu guy defends himself against gunmen with a coin. Worse than Tiger from River Kwai? Yes! Fun like Tiger from River Kwai? Hell no! Maybe it’ll get better in the remainder, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Anybody else seen?


(sartana1) #2

Havent seen this one. The Kung Fu/SW hybrids I’ve seen so far weren’t particularly good examples of either genre. I guess Stranger and the Gunfighter was an ok SW with terrible Kung Fu…

(Bad Lieutenant) #3

Just finished watching it. Wow, I am bamboozled. So many coins wind up in people´s heads the film should have had Loose Change as title. The final fight goes on forever and ever. The film is much like a bad trip.

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I see Jason Pai Piao is in that one… Too bad it sucks he’s usually very good. Off topic but using coins as deadly weapons is one of my favorite things in Kung Fu movies! Have you seen Stormy Sun? aka Super Manchu? Super cheesy :slight_smile:


Haven’t seen it, but maybe I’ll do it one day to test the limits of my physical and mental endurance.

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Here you’ll geet bored with it really quickly. It is cheesy though, especially because the characters that get coins in their forehead all gaze in disbelief far too long before falling to the ground. Jason Pai Piao isn’t that great here, but at least he fights better than William Berger, haha.
It’s just an incredibly stupid film. Some dudes from the seventies sporting cowboy hats talking about going to a Chinese restaurant, William Berger getting martial arts training in a fight school next to the saloon, LOL.

I strongly recommend you not to. My girlfriend literally got angry because this film was on, yelling at the tv how bad it sucked.


Not got round to viewing this one yet. It is at bottom of my to watch pile…may stay there for a while :smiley: .

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Cheaply made kung fu/western. Not nearly as good as Shanghai Joe, and I’m not a big fan of Shanghai Joe. The kung fu fights are pretty good. The final fight between Pai Paio and Kao Kang has it’s moments, but it goes on for about 10 minutes too long. And that’s the problem with this movie. When a flaw occurs, it turns into a disaster. I’m glad I saw it, but there’s nothing to recommend. The only positive thing I can think of is that it’s not quite as bad as the John Liu kung fu/western Dragon Blood.

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In Dragon Blood, the John Liu/Phillip Ko end fight is excellent, and it doesn’t fit the rest of the movie, which, quality-wise, is about the level of a home movie made by elementary school kids (and some kids can probably do better).

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Yeah that fight is awesome. It’s been so many years, I should watch it again if I can get the courage. I think the end fight is with Roger Paschy. But I don’t remember anything about it. I do remember being disappointed with Phillip Ko’s death. It’s always sad to see a supreme kung fu performer get defeated by bullets. Speaking of kung fu westerns, this is a bit off topic, but have you seen “Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay”? I’d say this is George Wang’s best role. Really good movie. One of the best east meets west type of movies.

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Yes, ‘Have a Good Funeral, My Friend…Sartana Will Pay’ is a very good spaghetti.

Sorry for getting further off-topic, but ‘Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die’ is not an ‘Eastern/Western’, and is a pretty poor film, but is interesting for the fact that the main villain, a Mexican bandit named El Fuego, is played by legendary Japanese actor Tatsuya Nadadai.

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It’s a magnificent film! :slight_smile: Tatsuya Nakadai was, imo, an inspired choice for his role, too. Looked right at home in a Spag.

(Filmlovr1) #13

I thought Nakadai was great in the role, but I felt the movie itself suffered from a very bland leading man. The lead was so bland, in fact, I found myself rooting for the bandit leader. I guess I should revisit it again, though