Koch Media's Rainbow Set

Hello Friends!!!

I need some recommendations regarding Koch Media’s RAINBOW SET. I’ve already seen PISTOL FOR RINGO and THE RETURN OF RINGO which were both good. Which other ones from the RAINBOW SET r really good? Not just ok, but REALLY GOOD. Please help. Thanx guys.


If you are a 100% SW Fan you should watch all ;D

My favourites of the KochMedia Collection (which will be continued)
are Quien Sabe? aka A Bullet for the General, The Return of Ringo, Train to Durango, Yankee, The Big Gundown, Silver Saddle, Fury of Johnny Kid, The Hills run red, Run Man Run, At the End of the Rainbow (beautiful title), Django The last Killer, :slight_smile:

What every SW-fan should have in his collection, is:

  • Quien Sabe? aka A Bullet for the General
  • The Big Gundown
  • Run, Man, Run
  • and the two ringos

I also recommend:

  • Yankee
  • Train for Durango
  • The Hills run red
  • At the end of the rainbow
  • Django - the last killer

As far as English dubbed, definately Quien Sabe (especially with 2 English dub options), Run Man Run, Silver Saddle, and the two Ringo movies.

I’ll tell you, what movies I would not recommend: :wink:

  • A Barrel Full of Dollars
  • The Road to Fort Alamo
  • 3 bullets for Ringo

The DVD’s are certainly good (I think), about the films are rubbish (in my opinion).

However, the quality of the DVD’s of all the films of the rainbow collection is outstanding.
I do not think there are much better DVD of SW in the world. :wink:

At the end of the Rainbow? That’s Dead Men Ride, yes?



Thanx for your help guys!! So DJANGO THE LAST KILLER doesn’t have English audio or English subtitles?


All have either an English dub or English subs.

And The Last Killer gets also a special recommendation from me.

Bullet for the General (for the new english dub)
Train for Durango
Dead Men Ride/At the End of the Rainbow
Silver Saddle
Hills Run Red

At the End of the Rainbow is such a beautiful title. Should be the last title of the Koch Media Rainbow Collection. ;D

Its kinda hard to recommend cause everybody has their own unique tastes but I suggest getting the more well known titles first (big gundown, Mercenary etc…) and than working your way down.

However, Mercenary is not part of the Rainbow collection.
But a great DVD. :wink:

I wish they had the english dub on Big Gundown :frowning: Lee Van Cleef had the best voice ever! Cant watch him dubbed. Barquero…Not from the rainbow set (or even an SW) is a good movie also!

Hello Friends!!

Attention to those living in the US, someone on Ebay.com (username Kramars55) is selling both Koch Media’s RUN MAN RUN (Rainbow) and THE MERCENARY brand new on dvd for $19.99 each. He’s only charging $3.00 for shipping which is a big deal considering that Amazon.de charges ridiculous prices to ship to the US. Also, he’s selling the Scandinavian (AWE) version of KEOMA (used) for only $7.99. And, if you buy 2 or more of his dvds, he’ll SHIP FREE!!

So if anyone living in the US still doesn’t have these great titles yet, u might want to snag these.


When the heck is Koch gonna release FACE TO FACE on its own?? The SERGIO SOLLIMA BOX-SET has been out for 5 years already. Release it NOW as I want to see this film!!!


They can’t release it, cause they don’t have the rights for Faccia a faccia anymore. Or at least they end this year, a too short span to make money with the DVD. And the problem is that even with the rights they don’t see a great chance to earn money if they can’t make the film better or longer or something else. Which also means that the re-releases of Blindman, 10 000 Dollars Blood Money and others weren’t lucrative enough.

We only can hope that they still make enough money with the new releases.


Where can I buy A Bullet for the general / Töto Amigo?

The DVD (part of the rainbow collection) is out of print.
Only the first release is available. But has poorer pictures quality.