Kino Lorber release thread

(Sebastian) #1

I started a new page

They are getting rather active this year!

(Søren) #2

Nice work!

Wouldn’t it make sense making more of these label release threads stickies? There are a number of those already of which probably only Wild East and Triple X (?) are still ‘active’ but would love to see one for each company. Blue Underground, Explosive Media / Wild Coyote, Arrow etc. etc.

(Sebastian) #3

Yes, will do. I think there is also a lot of duplicate posting going on… maybe when we relaunch the forums it will also make all that more accessible

(Sebastian) #4

Who has the newer Lorber Kino Classics discs and can say a few words about those?

Edit: I updated the catalog, need to add some DVDs to their individual pages still…

(morgan) #5

I have only the A Town Called Hell BluRay. Very good widescreen picture, clear, bright colours, better than any other release of this film on DVD/BluRAY. Full running length and uncut picture, Nothing to complain about, actually.

(Sebastian) #6

Check out the SWDb’s now fully updated catalog of all Kino Lorber Studio Classics’ Euro- & Spaghetti Westerns

Off to bed, that was quite the challenge :wink: