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Wouldn’t it make sense making more of these label release threads stickies? There are a number of those already of which probably only Wild East and Triple X (?) are still ‘active’ but would love to see one for each company. Blue Underground, Explosive Media / Wild Coyote, Arrow etc. etc.

Yes, will do. I think there is also a lot of duplicate posting going on… maybe when we relaunch the forums it will also make all that more accessible

Who has the newer Lorber Kino Classics discs and can say a few words about those?

Edit: I updated the catalog, need to add some DVDs to their individual pages still… Kino Lorber Studio Classics Catalog - The Spaghetti Western Database

I have only the A Town Called Hell BluRay. Very good widescreen picture, clear, bright colours, better than any other release of this film on DVD/BluRAY. Full running length and uncut picture, Nothing to complain about, actually.

Check out the SWDb’s now fully updated catalog of all Kino Lorber Studio Classics’ Euro- & Spaghetti Westerns

Off to bed, that was quite the challenge :wink:

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They announced a few that will likely not be re-issued by them once supplies run out and the license deals end… time to get those you don’t yet have

I ordered the DVD of SHOOT THE SUN DOWN a couple of years ago. Re-arranging my notes about it a little

Shoot the Sun Down has to be one of the most underrated westerns from the 70s. I think it’s terrific.

It’s an intruiging movie, but it’s also uneven and meandering. I’m working on a review.

I have a question for anyone who has the Kino GBU blu ray. So I keep reading that they have a restored 2.0 audio option. Does this mean all of the original sound effects are present in the ‘Extended Version’?

Yeah, I think it gives you the option. I didn’t check that disc out as I was only interested in the theatrical cut.

I have a couple of questions for those of you who might be willing to participate…

First of…and I know this is a long shot…but have any of you actually bought the Sergio Leone Westerns box set released in March? I am curious since it states it’s only 5 discs so which version of GBU does it contain…also which version of OUATITW does it have? Is it just the same disc as from the Paramount release?

Secondly, we all know Eureka just released a great amazing edition of The Specialists. This is region B only. For those of us here in North America who don’t own a region-free player, Kino’s disc (with no English dub) released in January is an option. I am asking if any of you have it to please share your thoughts on it and possibly how it compares to the Eureka release (aside from the obvious English dub issue). I am aware both releases have the Alex Cox commentary. But is the Kino disc cut? How is the picture quality? Are the subtitles accurate?

Thanks in advance.

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Erm, the thing for me is the extras with new extras. The Eureka release contains the same as my MGM/UA one. The picture quality never bothered me on it. I kind of feel I would be paying for the packaging. I will have to watch someone else’s EUREKA first.

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Eureka obviously has more special features than you get with a Kino release. I guess I’ll have to start looking at prices for region-free players again. There’s obviously next to no interest in Kino on this forum. They aren’t that good and there’s been times when I said they outright suck but they are releasing a lot of spaghetti westerns for Region A. I got lucky with the German and Italian releases of Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More in that they were region free.

I keep up on the Kino releases and I appreciate they are releasing stuff, but I’m not going to buy a release unless the transfer is the best one available, or equal to.

I used to care a lot about extras, but these days not so much. I’ve found that I generally only watched extra features once and I never remember them… often the interviews are pretty low quality with figures that don’t even remember anything… I much prefer commentary tracks now, which are usually pretty interesting and provide an alternate way to watch a movie multiple times.

As for region issues, at this point if I get any region locked discs I just rip them off to the PC and don’t bother with the disc. If streaming from your PC to TV is a problem, you can get fairly cheap boxes that allow you to plug an external hard drive in and playback the files directly to your TV. I finally figured out how to setup my roku so it supports direct playback of most files so I’ve been doing this and it works well… but for about $20-30 you can get little box that supports direct playback of pretty much all video/audio formats, including a full BD-backup in mkv format.

I’m not going to purchase a region free player just to have it eventually break down on me, or have issues with certain discs, etc… all of which I’ve already experienced with more than one player.


I would be interested in Kino Lorber if I could still play region A/1. A Minute to pray a second to Die is a personal fave so I want a copy. In this case without extras if necessary.
I seem to be buying German releases more and more often. My 2 Disc My Name is Nobody is fab and the documentaries are great.

I should’ve bought that instead of my shitty Image Entertainment copy :rofl:

I have a Chrome cast and watch films from YouTube. The Roku device you spoke of has been pitched to me by my best friend but I would require a course in order to use it!!
And I feel for you regarding the fegion free player mine broke down about 4 years ago and I have spent the last three trying to unlock the one I have! :triumph:

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:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: Too technical man!!!

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