Kill the Wicked! / Dio non paga il sabato (Tanio Boccia, 1967)

There is another theme on the overall menu and it is probably for that movie, and according to IMDb the composer is Carlo Rustichelli, so my main guess have been that the flute theme refers to Kill The Wicked !

Kill or be Killed was not so good (I have only seen it once, compared to 4 times already för Kill The Wicked!) but I should have noticed if this “magic” music actually was by Rustichelli and included in that movie.

I will check it out !

It could also be the case that this music comes from an alternate intro / outro credits, from a diffrent print that may not have been usuable visually?

Aha, maybe so. I have just lazy-watched Kill Or Be Killed and I have not found the little gem theme. But it begins with some good music and there was a slow organ theme later on which was very good.

On Ebay I found and ordered a CD with soundtrack lasting over 30 minutes, so with some luck the flute theme could be found there.
On Youtube I only found 14 minutes of direct recording soundtrack.

Spray-on leather trousers … exactly so, and how wonderful she looks!

Of course we’re talking about Maria Silva! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, but I can’t be arsed correcting a post from 11 years ago. :laughing:

Already today I received the soundtrack CD for Kill The Wicked ! by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino.
The type of slow minimalistic beautiful themes (and two short faster ones), usually played with flute and/or organ with some guitar sometimes added,

I like most the music on track 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 (partly on 2, 3, 13, 14, 15, of the total 15 tracks).
The title song on track 1 The Price Of Gold is a totally different “pop song” but acceptable in the movie and of the same type as some other title songs on SW, for example on Cemetery Without Crosses.

However the also beautiful flute theme on the Kill the Wicked DVD’s Extras menu was not included. on the CD.

Anyhow it is tempting to upgrade Kill The Wicked to an 8/10 spaghetti-western because of the music and the movie otherwise is anyhow a new favorite of mine.

For the record that musical theme “Colt contro la luna” was not by Lavagnino, but by Gianni Ferrio and was part of the music in El Desperado/The Dirty Outlaws and can be listened to here

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Definitely a Hidden Gem

For a second there I thought to myself
Everyone is going to kill each other and
Lester is going to get away with the Gold :scream::joy:

This is our movie of the month (Main page update to follow), so I am looking at some input from y’all:

  • should the synopsis be tweaked?
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Thanks to all willing and able to help out

Paola Natale [as Paola Natali] is not listed on IMDb as an actor in Kill The Wicked! and I cannot remember her in the film. If she was there it was in the beginning as an extra, but impossible for me to identify. So it might be a mistake to include here.

Interesting, @JonathanCorbett once fixed her last name to included the credited name Natali, so maybe he has an info?

It’s not a mistake, she is credited. As a c.s.c. credit she may not appear and she has not been identified in the film but the credit is there.

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Anybody know what the C.S.C Stands for?

I tried searching for it, but can’t find an explanation :man_shrugging:

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia I think

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See Kill and Pray thread, Reply #78

Actors and technicians had to be graduated from no more than five years.

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Cast pics added to credit page.


I think you’re right on Luis Ferrin, we can remove the question mark.

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