Kill the Wicked! / Dio non paga il sabato (Tanio Boccia, 1967)

A review of this little gem is now available:

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Database page: Dio non paga il sabato - The Spaghetti Western Database

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There is a not bad fandub of this one floating around which uses the Italian disc as source print.

How long is this fandub version?

88 minutes and 53 seconds.

That’s most probably uncut. The german one is according to Bruckner 5 min shorter.

Nice read again. I like the film too.

Nice review Scherps.
Sounds like an interesting film.

Good idea with a “double-bill” review, very nice

Echoed - a great couple of reads.

… and as I’ve now jus’ received a copy of the fandub (it is a lovely print) - reckon this could make my new Top 20 …
(Ok, so I know you’ve heard it all before - but it’ll happen … soon)

Finished watching this one… Unfortunately, I had to fast-foward some of the long drawn out parts where it’s just someone riding a horse a minute or two because it was getting dangerously close to bedtime (hey, I have to wake up early for work.) But what I did see was a very strange indeed. I think the beginning was a little boring but eventually got interesting. It almost reminds me of a weirder more atmospheric “Shoot the Living… Pray for the Dead.”

Enjoyed this one. There are a number of Spags which start well and then lose their way. This one is the complete opposite. It is a bit shaky and weak to begin with but builds into something quite tense and dark. The atmosphere in the ghost town is well created, the violence becomes increasingly nasty and Daniela Igliozzi wears spray on leather trousers. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Found myself agreeing 100% with Scherps’ reading of the film. Not a masterpiece but darn good value.

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As a side note, I couldn’t help but check what Weisser had to say about it and, of course, it makes for an amusing read. He manages to get all the cast mixed up, (literally every actor is attributed to the wrong character) some plot details confused and his final note is completely erroneous. The man’s a genius.

Too much “Bud Weisser” while doing his SW research. ;D

I think it was fun to notice the similarities of this movie to the later psychedelic Matalo

Both films are good but I prefer Matalo to this one

If we could splice together the best parts of both films, we’d have perhaps the ultimate psychedelic spaghetti Western.

I have already had 2 versions of this film but still haven’t watched it. I’m waiting for the Wild East release.

I saw this the other day and I thought it was great. Better than I expected.

A few things make this stand apart. First of all it takes about 20 minutes or so before the hero even shows up. And then there’s the long scenes without dialogue. The spooky ambiance in the ghost town was another thing. The sets were especially nice here, cobwebs and squeaky stairs etc. Good camerawork and lighting. For a low-budget effort, Boccia really hit the mark here.

Of course, the inclusion of the gun-slinging, leg-showing blonde with a mean streak was a very '60s element. But it doesn’t hurt the movie at all ::slight_smile:

What a great movie. It has flaws, yes but delivers on multiple angles. While some other SW ladies might be more beautiful, none deliver a more sultry noir-esque performace than Daniela Igliozzi. The outfit, the walk, the flirting.


The isolated feel of the ghost town is very dark & has tones of classic Vincent Price movies. The violence is pretty extreme. While beat downs in SW’s are handed out often, there’s something extra when a man is seemingly unwilling to fight back. Makes it more brutal. For some reason this film has a very Reservoir Dogs feel to it for some reason.

Quite the opposite,i enjoyed her style :wink:
In ‘Saguaro’ appears nearly the same figure,Boccia must had a penchant for gun - slinging girls,too …

Yep,i saw the german version (88’12 Min.) for the first time.I cant believe that i was hunting down this flic for such a long time.
But its worth the effort,i think its a great little movie.
I like the violence in this,not necessarily the beating with the bandoleer,although the scene is surely unique in a spag.
Especially i like when Robert Mark,half lying on the bar,shoots Meniconi into shatters.

I guess the german title refers to that scene - Die sich in Fetzen schießen.

Here are a few screenies from the Wild East disc