Kill the Wicked! / Dio non paga il sabato (Tanio Boccia, 1967)

(Escobar) #41

Where I may find text of song from this western?

(scherpschutter) #42

We have a thread with songtexts, but i can’t find it at the moment

(ENNIOO) #43

There is this thread, but none from Kill the Wickeds:,660.msg119913.html#msg119913

(Escobar) #44

Whether someone english-speaking would be write text of this song from listening? I would be gratefull.

(JonathanCorbett) #45

The price of gold is your soul, that is the essence of Roberto Matano’s song. And Stanton rubs his hands together… ;D

(Stanton) #46

I get a soul for a vote …

(Stanton) #47

And actually, without souls, how can we then turn from Soul to Paul?

(Asa) #48

Somewhat unfairly, everything I feel about Kill the Wicked relates more closely to how I feel about Matalo! (which I saw first). I think I prefer this movie, for being more conventional - which I can’t say I always respond to - and yet somehow as a result being a more complete spaghetti experience. Matalo! is without a doubt better looking; that’s a good thing. And yet, it’s also very anachronistic, very seventies, hippified.; and that’s a bad thing. I shouldn’t be watching a film set in the 1870’s (or thereabouts) and thinking of the 1970’s. So Matalo! just countered what I said about better looking being a good thing. And Matalo! is choc-full of odd, odd touches that really mark Spags out as something unique and brilliant. It’s almost like Django Kill in that sense, and Django Kill is one of my very favourites from the entire eurowestern canon. Yet, Matalo!'s oddities are SO odd, they detract, frustratingly so. So once again, Matalo! contradicts me. Kill the Wicked is basically the same gritty, mean little spag with none of the flourishes which leave me undecided as to whether Matalo! is a work of genius or a barely-watchable mess. Well, it still features the horsey attack but IMHO it handles this romantic-yet-daft concept slightly better than in Matalo!.

I note in Scherpschutter’s review for Kill the Wicked, he refers to it as a “hidden treasure” (couldn’t agree more) and something of a “needle in the hay-stack” to find. With that in mind, you should know that it’s presently freely available on YouTube (, but if you haven’t seen it and want to, I’d get on it ASAP. There are shedloads of Spags on YouTube but they don’t always stay there. Quite how long Kill the Wicked is going to remain there, I’ve no idea.


A rather weak effort that suffers greatly from a TV-movie/straight-to-video feel. The story and some other ideas had the potential for a true, undiluted SW but unfortunately the talent wasn’t there. The score admittedly deserved a better film. 2 stars.

(JonathanCorbett) #50

Logic would suggest that Howard Beniconi and Pedro Mendiconi (And God Said to Cain), both nonexistent surnames in Italy, are aliases for Furio Meniconi.

If not where these names come from, since they are not listed in the Anica archive unlike for example uncredited Renato Iossi in Three Crosses Not to Die?

(autephex) #51

Wild East DVD (top)
Koch DVD (bottom)

The WE disc suffers from some pretty bad ghosting type issues… every time there is movement and camera panning it is very noticeable to me:

I believe the WE disc is sourced to the previous Italian DVD release, and if you want screens from that DVD, you can find them your damn self.

Bonus shot:

(scherpschutter) #52

That ghosting is pretty bad, yes. Never had that with any of the WE discs I own (not this one). Sure it can’t be helped by switching to another video mode?

(autephex) #53

The problem will be more noticeable on a computer monitor display than on a TV as it is partly related to the interlacing, and TVs deinterlace better than computer software. But I did enable deinterlacing for those screenshots. Some people seem to be more sensitive to these kinds of issues with video, and I am definitely one of them. I have problems with a lot of DVDs that other people don’t seem to notice anything with.

(scherpschutter) #54

Same here. It’s my experience that VLC de-interlaces better than for instance Pot-player or Gom-player (which I also use). I have two DVD-players, the better of the two players (image quality wise) ironically has more issues with interlaced DVDs

(autephex) #55

I only use VLC on the computer, and I also never watch films on my computer… only used for screenshits and editing

It probably is not so noticeable on TVs, but WE’s method of converting PAL -> NTSC for their DVDs apparently involves interlacing non-interlaced sources to achieve the 29fps, which introduces these kinds of issues. When producing NTSC DVDs from a PAL or film source, all that should be done is adding what’s called a pulldown flag to the video, which doesn’t alter the video at all like interlacing does. Interlacing should only be used on true video sources, such as TV stuff or things recorded on a video camera (not a film camera).

Any time this kind of alteration is done, it produces low quality results.

(scherpschutter) #56

Needs to be de-interlaced, if you ask me