Kill and Pray / Requiescant (Carlo Lizzani, 1967)

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Does anyone else have issues with the audio being out of synch on the Wild East disc? I’ve got the Mark Damon double feature disc and the audio goes out of synch when Lou Castle enters the bar.

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Played the disc on my computer and the audio was fine so I don’t know what happened.

Anyone know who the actor on the left is? The one that’s not Franco Citti.

(Reverend Danite) #103

Nope - good quest for Brother Jonathan though I reckon :wink:

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Used to have a dvd player that played discs out of synch audio wise every now and again.

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It’s a pretty old DVD player, it has a vhs deck in the same machine.

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Yes, know the type of machine you mean.

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[quote=“Rutledal, post:102, topic:323”]

Anyone know who the actor on the left is?[/quote]

Yes Ennioo, it’s a Gatling Gun. But he’s asking who the actor is. :wink:

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Isn’t a Blu-ray of this about to be released by Arrow?

I’ve got to say, Arrow have really become a fantastic company in recent years. The quality of their releases is outstanding.

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Arr I see Reverend ;).

(Bill san Antonio) #110

I watched Requiescant again today. Good film with some weird unlogical twists. Castel’s character turns into a superb gunfighter in a moment and despite being religious he doesn’t seem to have a problem killing people. Damon has his best sw role as a homosexual, misogynist aristocrat. Candle shooting and the game of hangman’s noose were the most memorable scenes.

My rating: 7/10

(Reverend Danite) #111

Gotta agree Bill…

Another fave from quite a while back, that’s been bubbling under (if not once making it?) onto my Top 20. How could I not love a film that starts with it’s very first frame showcasing my favourite placcy-cacti, and then giving one a gorgeouse close up in all its tacky-cactusness!? And this is shot in front of the tatty old fort that I’ve been banging on about, having just seen it in Cowards Don’t Pray and Killer Kid.

Luisa Baratto who won me over in KK plays the smokingly hot maid with the candlesticks here - in the great drunken shooty game. And there’s the other game - the shoot the legs of the stool/hangman’s noose nonsense as well to add to the fun…
so - I still like this film - a lot.
I like the playfulness, and the dark stuff. I like the details - the padded cell for Damon’s wife, whilst he goes off smooching up to Blondie. I like the pace, I like the biblical and the political facets. But… it still ain’t gonna make it Top 20-wise though. I remember Shobary thinking this boring and having not much spaghetti feel, and I couldn’t agree less - this is thoroughly entertaining and spaghetti-esque.

Still 4 stars - rest in peace - it’s a goody!

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My new Arrow release Bluray arrived yesterday.
Looks nice but will have to wait for a proper viewing until this whole Spagvemberfest thing sorts itself out.
Looking forward to it though.

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I suspect mine arrived yesterday too. An Amazon package addressed to mrs.caress certainly turned up anyway, but was whisked away sharpish and consigned to the Closet of Yuletide Mystery (the airing cupboard).


I got the wild east productions version of this in the mail last week. Great performances from Lou Castel, and Mark Damon. Damon plays a racist, murdering wealthy bastard (No other way to put it) Castel plays a religious boy who must rescue his adopted sister , and in the middle learns so much about who is his and were he came from. I may be adding this one in my favorites. Im not sure how I overlooked this and or why I waited so long too watch it. Director Carlo Lizzani tells two stories here, one of which is revolutionary, and the other is about a boy hunting for his loved one. Is their anyone else who found this film overlooked?

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Watched the Arrow Blu-ray. Really liked the film up until the the drunken shooting in the cellar (great scene) but after that, I found it quite boring.


I don’t like this film much, but the drunk shooting contest and noose duel were pretty good, and the part where Castel gets on the horse backwards made me laugh.


I think it’s an okay run-of-the-mill spag. Nothing spectacular but I never found it boring. I was thinking of getting the Arrow Blu along with Prepare a Coffin just because the CWC and DOA Blu’s are so good that they wouldn’t hurt my collection.


The blu-ray is definitely worth owning despite the film being dull and boring.

I find it amusing how Cox praises this film in his book but condemns The Hills Run Red, and Hughes does the exact opposite in his book.


I noticed that too. To me they were both just okay spags, elevated a bit by a few good scenes and Silva and Damon respectively.

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And had to do some photoshop perspective warping on this one: