Kid Vengeance (Joseph Manduke, 1977)

I will soon watch this movie, is it a good one? Will There be more info about it in the database?

Isnt this the sequel to Take A Hard Ride? I havent seen it yet myself.

[quote=“Silence, post:1, topic:1609”]I will soon watch this movie, is it a good one? Will There be more info about it in the database?[/quote]Haven’t you read “the worst sw You’ve seen”-topic?
No, it’s not a good one. Definitely one of the worst films of the genre.

Nothing to do with that. I think some VHS company came up with “Take Another Hard Ride” title, before that it was just Kid Vengeance. Lee Van Cleef is a bad indian in this one, Leif Garrett of God’s Gun “fame” stars. Not a good film but I have seen worse. 2 stars.

Good luck to you :o

I haven’t.

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:3, topic:1609”]Haven’t you read “the worst sw You’ve seen”-topic?
No, it’s not a good one. Definitely one of the worst films of the genre.[/quote]

Yes, I have read that topic, but I liked the intro sequence so I wanted to give it a go.

Ahh OK. Thats just an alt. title they gave it. Thanks for the info!

Apparantly the selected reviewer on IMDB liked it…

Surprisingly original, almost unknown........., 7 July 2008 Author: merklekranz from United States

Seek this one out if you are looking for a different kind of Lee Van Cleef “spaghetti western”. Definitely on a par with his lesser westerns like “Death Rides a Horse”, but inferior to “The Big Gundown”…

on par with …lesser… westerns like DRAH? WTF is this guy smoking?? Good ole IMDB…

LOL @ lesser westerns like DRAH. Thats why I dont bother with IMDB very often. This site is for the actual aficionados of SWs. IMDB is a bunch of loons.

Kid Vengeance isn’t good at all. I bought it on a dollar dvd with God’s Gun. I watched God’s Gun which isn’t as bad as everyone says but then I tried to watch Kid Vengeance… shortly after I turned if off because it sucked. A few months later I had nothing to watch so I forced myself to watch it. The best part is Lee Van Cleef and thats it. Sorry if you paid more than $1 for it!

I’m a huge LVC fan. Hell, he’s the reason why I got interested in SW’s in the first place. But I have yet to have the misfortune of seeing this movie and I don’t intend to anytime soon.

It is horrible. Interesting Israeli locations are only good factor. Terrible acting all around actually. Poorly made and minor.

I wrote this a while ago for Fistful of Pasta, but it has all been quiet on the pasta front lately, so I could close a gap with the (slightly altered) review:


When I’m done with all the other spaghettis, I’ll give it a watch.

lee van cleef the bad guy? and the litle kid the avenger??? LOL!!!

As with God’s Gun, Kid Vengeance really isn’t all that bad! It’s not going to rival The Good, the Bad & the Ugly for my affections anytime soon, in fact I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever watch it again, but it wasn’t White Fang and the Hunter bad. It wasn’t Apache Blood bad. It wasn’t White Comanche bad (I can’t keep using White Comanche as a yardstick for crapness; the more I think of it, the more fond I am of it, in a “bad movie” sense, you know?). If they’d gone the Death Rides a Horse route or the Once Upon a Time in the West route or the God-knows-how-many-other-Spag-revenge-tales route and had the wronged kid grow up to be a bad-ass agent of death before extracting his revenge on his parents’ murderers, it would probably have been a fair bit more acceptable. As it is, it’s hard to root for a schoolchild. Unless you ARE a schoolchild, I suppose. But if you ARE a schoolkid, Kid Vengeance really shouldn’t be the film for you, given that it’s actually quite a nasty piece with its murders, rape, and colourful picking-offs of the bad guys. In that sense, Leif Garrett was a little like a juvenile Predator or something. “Kid Predator: KREDATOR!” Hang on, “Creditor”? Not much of a title. Oh well. So I’m not sure who the movie was really aimed at. Leif Garrett’s no Clint Eastwood, no Tomas Milian, no Gianni Garko. But anyone who would see him that way would be too young for the film. Bah, whatever. It wasn’t that bad, that much I DO know. I mean it WAS pretty rubbish, but nowhere near as bad as I was steeling myself for. And Lee Van Cleef’s hair didn’t quite go to God’s Gun levels on the LVC MadHair-O-Meter. Close but no cigar, as they say.

It’s not easy to determine whether Kid Vengeance actually qualifies as a Spaghetti Western …
• No, there wasn’t any Italian involvement production-wise: IMDb, German and Italian Wikipedia, TCM, BFI.
• Yes, there was: SWDb, English Wikipedia, Kevin Grant (p. 467).
The fact that the film doesn’t have an entry in ANICA’s Archive of Italian Cinema might be a crucial indicator. But the information on ANICA’s website is of course anything but reliable.

They have Red Sun under the US flag!

For Giusti’s dictionary this is a USA/Israel/Italy co-production, in any case we are talking about a really minor participation with music by Francesco De Masi and Pier Vittorio Marchi as Art Director.

If Release Info on IMDb is correct (see below), it is interesting to note that the movie was submitted to Italian censorship a lot sooner and authorized for public showing at the end of October 1976 with VM14 rating.

So, what’s your opinion? Since no Italian production company was involved, shouldn’t it be listed in the database as an American-Israeli Western and on the forum be moved to the Western board? By the way, it can be watched on YouTube.

Strictly speaking the movie isn’t a SW: what I meant to say is that maybe having been released ten months earlier than in the USA in terms of target market there was a particular focus on Italy.