Kid, Terror of the West / Kid il monello del West (Tonino Ricci, 1973)

Couldn’t help but be reminded when watching this of the Children’s Film Foundation flicks of my childhood. Kids outwit adults, defeat the crooks and win the reward. Just as it should be in a film for children, starring children. Not much here for an adult audience, except perhaps for a little nostalgia value but it’s all harmless in an ‘Our Gang’ kind of way.

As an aside, whoever put the trivia note on the film’s DB page got it wrong. This is not a remake of Bugsy Malone. For a start the story is completely different and for another it was made 3 years before Malone. I guess I’ll remove it from the page.

Couldn’t sit through it. I tortured myself for about 40 minutes and then I switched it off.

Well it is different just mainly having children in the film, suppose that kept me watching. Never seen Bugsy Malone as of yet.

the worst SW??? posible!

The Fat Boys Of Trinity is worse than this one :smiley: .

There’s no doubt that such comparisons tell a few things about this kind of movies’ quality. ;D

[quote=“ION BRITTON, post:2, topic:2857”]Couldn’t sit through it. I tortured myself for about 40 minutes and then I switched it off.[/quote]Same thing happened to me. Maybe I’ll give it second chance some time in the future. Maybe in 10-15 years.

much much worse than the ‘plan 9 from out of space’ :o

Plan 9 is great fun.

haha yes…

Future events such as these will affect you… in the future!

40 minutes??? are you kidding me? :o i saw the pics and read the story i don’t want to see this crap ever!!!
maybe i see it only for me bottom 20 maybe, but i see every week 10 minutes :slight_smile:

I tried second time to watch this… I switched after 4 minutes to Providence 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wise choice :wink:

As these things go it wasn’t any worse than a bunch of other similar comedies. The kids weren’t too bad. Fortunato Arena was good as the befuddled sheriff and at least there was a reason for the juvenile activities :slight_smile: All in all I didn’t mind it at all.

I see that recently somebody uploaded a shortened version of L’ostaggio (a.k.a. La farina del diavolo) to YouTube.'Ostaggio

Thanks, I think :slight_smile: .
Looks like the opening credits identify the actors so I suppose I’ll have to check it out :fearful:

I think all actors are children in Valanzano’s movie. No Fortunato Arena to counterbalance here! :smile: