Kebab Westerns (Turkish Western Films)

A few weeks ago I managed to put my hands on some turkish westerns.

I was searching for these movies …… without any luck.
I contacted some collecters asking if anybody had these movies and if they would like to trade them. Nobody had them but a lot of people were interested and also searching.
I contacted fat man dan, since he reviewed these movies on his website.
F-m-d was just planning his big sale and I made a deal with him to take over his turkish collection! Hip hip horay!

In the mean time I was looking for information about these movies, and I found out that they were like endangerd species. I founded a text on internet (,CmC=1176576.html ) and somebody told me about a book witch untill now couldn’t find.
But what I did found out was that the movies have disappeard. Allmost all the orriginal films ar burned! And most of them were never released on video! So they were played a few times on turkish television and that was it!

They did put some of the movies on video tape for the turkish german market (end 80´s).
The movies ended up im small turkish videotheks, but the movies didn’t come throught he german sencure system. The movies were to agressive for the yought and were put in the “adult (no porn!) section. So the movies were hard to get and I think also not so popular any more. so the movies slowy died.

Many years later our friend f-m-d walks over a second hand market in germany and finds a big dusty box full of video tapes. He asks the turkish stand owner the price of the cassets and so the movies are rediscover!

And than I got them. I traded with an other collecter in new york who also has some turkish movies. And now Im the proud owner of 23 turkish westerns!
There should be around 30 titels around there. Even collectors who live in turky can find any titles, they contact me to get a copy.
Im still hunting down the missing titles but its very very hard to find them.

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Ok, so most of them are old rentaltapes, but you had a picture of one of the films, a dvd “kebab western collection”, where did this one come from?

I allways design my own dvdr covers. so the kebab western collection is my own serie :smiley:
also for my spaghetties I design my own dvdr covers. I try to collect the orriginal vhs covers and turn them into dvdr covers. or I look on the internet for the orriginal movie posters.

on snobarys spaghetti westerns website are a few of my home made covers

and theturkish movies that I have are not exrental tapes, they are copied tapes, or recorded from television. On everytape are 2 movies. also other garnes like turkish crime movies.
the turkish westerns dont have a long runtime, mosty around 60 min. what is often long anuff :wink:

Good looking covers. I too try design covers for all my dvd-r’s. Actually your cover for Silent Stranger looks almost the same as the one I did for myself.

Its very difficult finding good images from some movies, I get alot of my movie posters from

and I also try to trade scans of vhs covers with other collecters.

Are the turkish westerns on vhs letterbox or fullscreen?

the turkish westerns are full screen, Im very suprised that the quality of them is still very good!
some of them are in coler, other in black and white or in brown and white!

there are one or two movies where the film is so far gone that you see very cool special effects! the sky looks like some kind of strange surrealistic land scape!

Fullscreen is not so good though, I want to see the correct aspect ratio when I watch a film. But I guess you can’t be too picky regarding these obscure turkish films.
Are all of them lost? Or maybe someday a few might be released on dvd?

all movies were burned only afew 8mm sevived, I believe one or two titles are released on turkish vcd, but I
think the quality of the tukish vcd´s is not mutch better than the vhs tapes.

A lot are downloadable at the links are here:

thanks for the link, but my turkish is not so good.
(weet je welke turkse westerns daar te downloaden zijn :wink: )
do you know wich western could be downloaded there.

hehe. my turkish is a little rusty too. maybe this link is better
but I could only download 100mb at they do have dvd-rips btw, but not for every movie

Could you please give some of those rapidshare links? This registering stuff in turkish it’s a little bit too much for me:P

I would love to see some of these turkish remakes - of et, startrek, captan amerika, starwars there´s also a movie were spiderman is the bad guy!

Judging from their covers, these are westerns. But then again, they could be anything…

Büyük Yemin (1969)

Yanasma (1973)

Battal Gazi Destani (1971)

Önce Vatan (1974)

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Cool that you can link these downloads!
but these movies are no westerns… they are turkish drama/adventures…
jaja we have to be very precise!

are there also any links to turkish action hero movies?

these are other titles of turkish westerns:

It’s a pity that those aren’t westerns, but anyway thanks for links Bad Lieutenant

hehe… allright. final try. (that turkish language is starting to piss me off)

Yönetmen: Tunç Basaran
Basrol: Kazim Kartal, Kadir Inanir, Seyyal Taner, Perihan Savas

Klasik western uyarlamasinda oyuncular üstün bir performans sergiliyor. Yalniz bir kovboy ile bir handa rastladigi genç ve güzel kadin arasinda yasanan ask ve onlari takip eden öfke.

If it’s a western, let me know

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vur is a turkish western :wink:

I think you should also be able to find these titles, they are also “more” commen. they are still very rare but I saw them in different collecters collection, so I know they are around.

kucuk covboy
kaptan swing
Yedi belalilar

if you can recive trt int on your television, they also play some turkish westerns now and than.

and these are other titles that you can look for:

(1) (1972) Daglarin oglu = Daglarin oglu
(2) Batida olum var = Batida olum var
(3) Aram Gülyüz (1974) Atini seven kovboy = Red kit daltonlara karsi
(4) Bilge Olgaç (1971) Üçünüze bir mezar = Üçünüze bir mezar
(5) Çetin Inanç (1970) Çeko = Çeko
(6) Guido Zurli (1973) Küçük kovboy = Küçük kovboy (Turkey / Italy)
(7) Irfan Atasoy (1970) Yedi belalilar = Yedi belalilar
( ) Kemal Kan (1970) Ölüm fermani = Ölüm fermani
(9) Mehmet Aslan (1971) Her kursuna 1 ölü = Her kursuna bir ölü
(10) Nazmi Ozer (1971) Cesur = Çirkin ve cesur
(11) Nazmi Ozer (1972) Kanun adami = Kanun adami
(12) Nuri Akinci (1971) Hey amigo! 5 mezlar = Hey amigo bes mezar
(13) Remzi Jöntürk (1967) Cango, rider of death = CANGO, OLUM SUVARISI
(14) Savas Esici (1969) Ölümsüzler = Ölümsüzler
(15) T. Fikret Uçak (1971) Çilginlar ordusu = Çilginlar ord
(16) T. Fikret Uçak (1971) Vahsetin esirleri = Vahsetin esirleri
(17) T. Fikret Uçak (1975) Cehennem elçileri = Cehennem elçileri
(18) Taner Oguz (1972) Tom Braks = Tom Braks - seytan tirnagi
(19) Yavuz Figenli (1975) Dadaloglu’nun intikami = Dadaloglu’nun intikami
(20) Yilmaz Atadeniz (1968) Maskeli beslerin dönüsü = Maskeli beslerin dönüsü
(21) Yilmaz Atadeniz (1969) Zorro kamcili süvari = Zorro kamcili süvari
(22) Yilmaz Atadeniz (1972) Ölmek var dönmek yok = Ölmek var dönmek yok
(23) Zafer Davutoglu (1967) Kanunsuz kahraman = Kanunsuz kahraman - Ringo Kid
(24) zagor

I’m not gonna try anymore, too exhausting. I tried Kucuk Kovboy (the most famous?) but I couldn’t find it. Btw, Is Vur any good?