Johnny Hamlet / Quella sporca storia nel West (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)

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Watching the WE release now, got about an hour and fifteen minutes in, when the audio gets really tinny and a voice different from the regular voice starts speaking. It also seems like the voice actors change through the film. Was there ever a problem like this in other English audio versions?


Castellari’s western take on shakespeare’s Hamlet. Not bad. Not perfect. The film’s plot is simple, Johnny must avenge his father’s death, and while doing so,some of his close friends/ relatives are taken advantage of/killed. Starts off slow, and gets nasty by the end, however the film dosen’t feature anything most spaghetti western viewers haven’t seen or wouldn’t expect to see. The heart of this film lies in two actors/characters Andrea Giordana, as Johnny, and Horst Frank as Claude, both of whom shine in the roles, and the film features a great score by Francesco De Masi. Recommended, but not perfect.


I am a fan of this movie and enjoy my Koch DVD. But is there a compelling reason to get the Wild East version? I want one to justify spending $20 to get “Chaco.” Haha.

I usually like to watch the flicks in Italian with English subtitles, unless Lee Van Cleef is in it, so the English dub isn’t important to me.
I really, really like Italian titles at the beginning. What are they in the WE version?




I just viewed the 1968 The Wild And The Dirty aka Johnny Hamlet for the first time with fairly high expectations and I liked the different mood, good acting and the Hamlet-like story.
The beginning on the beach with a traveling theatre company was original. Some fighting scenes were too long.
The final scene with the “curse of the gold” was similar to the corresponding scene in Django Kill as well as the crusifiction like so they were probably both inspired by the 1967 Django Kill. There was also an “original” Django borrowing in the end regarding the hero’s last shooting with wounded hands.

As I understand it (or rather IMDb) the interesting mushroomlike rock formations were shot in the province of Huelva, Andalucia, Spain.

The title song is not that good and I think it or the singer reminds me a bit of the title song in Return Of Ringo (if I not remembered wrong here), but the rest of the soundtrack was OK obviously sometimes with some little thriller, horror taste to emphazise the unusual mood for this SW.

I will probably rate Johnny Hamlet as 7 of 10, if so qualifying in my 2nd group of SW below the Leone films which means a tie for rank 9-18, but must view it another time within weeks. IMO for the moment the similar different (but not in exactly the same way of course) Django Kill is a step better (including better main music theme) thus qualifying for the 1st group below Leone’s first 4 SW.

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The mushroom rocks are actually at the Ciudad Encantada near Cuenca which is just south of Madrid.


Aha, thank you ! That may explain why I late last night could’t easy find the rock formations when googling on Cuenca Minera.

So Ciudad Encantada might be worth visiting together with other Madrid-surrounding SW locations such as Colmenar Viejo, La Pedriza (Manzanares el Real) etc.
I have lived for around 20 years spring and autumn in Andalucia but never visited Madrid, but at least some Almeria SW locations the last few years.

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Yes, it’s a trip I’ve been meaning to do myself for the past few years but never quite seem to get it organised. I have a “grave” at Sad Hill now though so that might well be the extra reason I needed to get it sorted soon.


A grave at Sad Hill IS impressing !