Johnny Hamlet / Quella sporca storia nel West (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)

(In German this one has a Django title “Django - Die Totengräber warten schon.”)

Sebastian has written a nice DVD review for this movie which you can visit from the link on it’s database page.

Sundances Fistful of DVD’s site claims that both the Koch and the Japanese versions of this film on DVD are missing the last scene. I’ve seen the excellent Koch DVD and it doesn’t seem like an ending scene is missing.

Can anyone verify if the DVDs are complete?

For more info visit:
DATABASE LINK: Quella sporca storia nel west - The Spaghetti Western Database (

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hm… what last scene would that be?

The Koch Media disc is actually missing two scenes. First one is about 30seconds long, this one is on the SPO disc though and I think jerksi’s bootleg has it as well (jerksis disc I guess might use the SPO disc as video source).

Unfortunately I can’t remember the details of the last scene, but it is supposed to be on atleast one english VHS release of the movie (maybe it was called Dirty story of the west or something like it) and someone (Chris Casey probably) at SWWB said that according to Castellari the scene belongs to the movie. I thought I had saved the discussion regarding this somewhere, but I couldn’t find it now (maybe I didn’t save it after all… :-\ ).

I might remember some of the things incorrectly, but I am 100% sure there is a scene missing at the end according to several people (and nobody denied it). :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Sundance. I wish I could see that scene as I can’t guess what happens in it. The film seems to be complete with the story with the uncle having an ending, and Johnny telling his best friend (Gilbert Roland - can’t remember his name in the film) goodbye.

And yes, for some reason the Koch DVD cuts part of a scene when Johnny’s girlfriend implies that she had an affair his uncle while he was away fighting in the war.

What are your thoughts on this film? I love the De Masi score. The cinematography is well done and interesting.

In some ways I find the story itself more interesting than necessarily good. It’s interesting to compare it to Hamlet and see what was changed, what was taken out, what was added.

In the United States academia considers Shakespeare to be one of the most important, if not the most important English language writers to ever live. So all children have to study Shakespeare before they graduate from high school. So most Americans have read Hamlet. Where I went to high school we spent a whole year of English class on Shakespeare.

How about in Europe and Japan? Are Shakespeare’s plays a part of everyone’s education? Are they studied in translation or in English? Would everyone be familiar with the plot and characters of Hamlet?

I ask for a few reasons. 1) Thinking about this film has made me curious, 2) I think the movie would be a lot less entertaining for someone who wasn’t familiar with the play and 3) at least when I went to school in the US we didn’t study much non-English literature. I think Plato and other early Greek writers translated into English was about all. I’m not including college.

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I know a little about Shakespeare of course, he is very famous, but I don’t think I’ve ever studied his work, not even in english language class.

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I really like that movie very much !!! The actors are great, I love Andrea Giordana and my German main man Horst Frank (of course) !!!

The score by Francesco De Masi is just wonderful, I especially like the main title ‘Find a man’ sung by Maurizio Graf.

The Koch Media release is really good, I think ! Even though a few seconds are missing it’s still about 13-15min. longer than the German tv-version !!!

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just bought a region 1 version of this on ebay with english subtitles, been wanting this one for a while!

that’s probably a copy of the german disc?

your probably right, i’m just glad i found a region 1 if i could find a decent region 1 of cemetary without crosses and massacre time i’d be a happy camper.

Another fine film by Castellari .two out of the 3 films i’ve seen of his have been top notch,keoma being the other, any gun can play is entertaining but not of the same caliber as these two.How does his other films compare?

I’d say Castellari’s best. I just love that movie. Andrea Giordana and Horst Frank are great, De Masi’s score is just wonderful. One of my favorites !!!

Wow! what can i saw, the cinematography had me blown away in this movie!

Even though i would say KEOMA is a more enjoyable film, this one is undeniably better made with some great camera angles.

I’ve had this a whie (you know how it is when you go to stick a film on but don’t think you can concentrate on the subtites when it’s late at night) and finally stuck it on this evening.

Johnny (Andrea Giordani) returns home to avenge the death of his father who was supposedly gunned down in cold blood by the ruthless bandit Santana.

Horst Frank plays Johnnys uncle who along with his two henchmen (Enzo’s Brother Ennio Girolami & Pedro Sanchez who played Carrincha in SABATA) is only out for himself and the gold.

Spaghetti western regular Gilbert Roland pops up from time to time to help Jonny out when he is in trouble (sort of like a guardian angel)

With a great score by Francesco De Massi, and what a song:

“I’m the man who never kills, not even for the love of gold”

I’ve got the German Koch dvd.
another Kotch special where it doesn’t mention anything about English subtitles being on it (maybee something to do with licencing?), you can’t even choose them on the subtitles page you have to do it with the remote once the film is running.

Kotch take great care with their spaghetti western releases and this is no exception, the master it was taken from is pristine.

Definately a classic, my only gripe is that i didn’t stick it on 7-8 months ago when i got it :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to spoil the line but it’s “FIND a man who never kills, not even for the love of gold” !!! I must admit, when I first heard the song I also thought it’d be “I’m a man …” but it’s not, just listen closely. The songs title is “Find a man” sung by Maurizio Graf !!!

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I think this may be one of those films that a lot of people have not seen,i think as more people see it it’s reputation will grow, definitly a lot better than some of the “hyped” sw’s .a top 25 imo.

[quote=“Bluntwolf, post:14, topic:402”]I’m sorry to spoil the line but it’s “FIND a man who never kills, not even for the love of gold” !!! I must admit, when I first heard the song I also thought it’d be “I’m a man …” but it’s not, just listen closely. The songs title is “Find a man” sung by Maurizio Graf !!![/quote]i stand corrected! it soes sound a bit like it though :wink:

Which SWs are the hyped ones you think? Just curious.

[quote=“Silvanito, post:17, topic:402”]Which SWs are the hyped ones you think? Just curious.[/quote]I consider it better than django kill,cemetary without crosses, mannaja,tepepa.which all seem to be held in higher regard.thats not to say these films are not good.

Just viewed this one for the first time, and has to be one of the directors best westerns I have seen so far.

Well made film in all departments, and no slapstick which is always a good thing for me.
Camerawork, choice of actors, fine music score, excellent locations and story and the Koch Media disc (whether missing a scene or two ?) is great quality.

If you have not seen…go and make a purchase !

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:19, topic:402”]If you have not seen…go and make a purchase ![/quote]yes,a great movie.