Johnny Hamlet / Quella sporca storia nel West (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)

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i had the koch media release and i can’t see it because there no english audio so i order it again with english audio from here:

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I really like this one, Castellari’s direction was fantastic. Good atmosphere, good cast, great score from De Masi. My only complaint will be the final act not being as climatic as i was expecting. Still pretty damn good, way above other entries out there.

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I totally agree. Although Shakespeare purists will probably cringe LOL.

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Thanks…is it anamorphic enhanced?

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It is

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They are dvd-r’s from there.

The Koch one has English subtitles.

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i know it’s dvdr and it has english audio
koch media release it’s dvd but there is no english audio

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Right, but what’s wrong with watching it with subtitles?

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i don’t like heard gilbert roland spoke italian, original he spokes english

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Fair enough. I prefer english dubs, but I watched the Koch disc with subtitles on and enjoyed it nonetheless. :slight_smile:

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Anyone know where a good copy of this film can be found - only link on it I can find is this:

and I’m a bit hesitant…

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you can take it from here with english audio

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What the f*ck? Ignazio Spalla was Guild in Johnny Hamlet?! Is it just me who so didn’t recognize him?

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Just checked this on the other day after I had watched Corbucci’s Hellbenders. I think Castellari tried to direct as stylish spaghetti western as he could but the plot has some weak points in my opinion. There were some points where the plot dragged a little bit so maybe that takes out some stars from my rating. The cast was alright and I especially liked Andrea Giordana’s and Gilbert Roland’s parts. Visually Johnny Hamlet is mainly fabulous and that’s where the main stars come from, so all in all Castellari definitely did a great job visually here. I’m usually lover of spaghetti western theme songs which are sung by a man or a woman, so that’s probably why I liked the theme song Find a Man which was sung by fabulous Maurizio Graf (does somebody have a good collection of all these kind of songs? I have collected couple from other SW soundtracks so far and I love them all).

My SW-rating: 3,5 stars out of 5.

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I kick-started my revisiting spags with this. No real reason, just grabbed a radom selection from my rhinestone-encrusted cases and after trying a couple of others that wouldn’t play correctly (my dvd player - not the discs) settled on this.
I’d seen it before but due to old-age and/or cider combination couldn’t remember much - which was the idea of having a break after all.

I’d imagine everything has been said about this film in 5 pages of opinion, and with Brothers Phil and Scherpy’s excellent reviews (which I read after watching).
I haven’t seen or read the Shakespeare original so I could only judge it in spag terms really, although I thought I could pick up the vibe of Beardy Bill in the atmosphere of the thing.
So a bit overly atmospheric and dramatic in parts, with some very Italian artiness - but beautifully shot, directed, and set in fabulously suitably attired scenery, and all backed by a magnificent De Masi score.
Overly long fisticuffs jarred a bit… but other spaghettiness in the ol’ shooting the mirror trick and some dramatic Vera Cruzy Burt Lancastery-stylee gun spinning and holstering before dropping down dead cheered me up.
Besides there being condenders for the ‘favourite rock’ thread, there’s also a wonderfully stylish hat with a bullety-hatband as worn by the ginger bad bastard Spalla that should make the ‘best hat’ thread, should one come into existence in times to come.

I was let down by the Ophelia death and floaty bit. There wasn’t much of a develepment betwixt her and Johnny but that arty superimposed body in the water bit was, well a bit crap - especially for a fellah that has seen the Millais inspiration for it, and the moody, spooky Arthur Hughes versions in the flesh.

(On a side note, I wondered whether any of the many names on the gravestones had any Shakespearean in-jokiness - but other than Batsford being coincidentally both a village in Shakespeare land and also the publishing company of a book called ‘Shakespeare’s Country’ - nowt sprung up.)

Despite my few negative comments, this was a highly enjoyable romp with some great acting from the leads, and the Koch media disc was a pleasure to watch (I watched it in Italian with subs, and the Castellari interview made for an interesting addition as well).

4 stars from me, but I’ll be looking for something less worthy for my next spag - more Four Dollars for Vengeance that Forgotten Pistolero maybe…

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I don’t like this one. In my opinion Gilbert Roland’s performance was awful.
They should spend more time on screenplay (there are some dull moments).
Castellari is good at action sequences but he has problem with drama scenes.
Ending dissapointed me a lot. I am sorry i don’t feel it :frowning:
Maybe i expected something different.

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Custom cover (cover is small-sized for forum post & linked to full sized hi-res printable download page)

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The movie itself is average but i like the title song and also its lyrics. :stuck_out_tongue: