Johnny Hamlet / Quella sporca storia nel West (Enzo G. Castellari, 1968)

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Never seen a SW on the big screen, but this would definitely be a good one to see.

(PJayBe) #42

What can I say, but as a collector of versions of Hamlet and of Spaghetti Westerns, this is heaven for me.

I sat down and was prepared to be disappointed, as you so often are when the “perfect” film comes along, but instead I loved every minute of it. Classic stuff, with just the right amount of cheesiness contained theirein.


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Glad you enjoyed it PJayBe.
And welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum PJayBe!

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In case you didn’t notice this article yet:

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Welcome to the forum, PJayBe!

JOHNNY HAMLET is one of my most favorite films from Castellari!
Even though I am a great fan of Franco Nero…I actually like this one much more than KEOMA.

I have two posters for this film, one Spanish and one Italian. Both of them are signed by Enzo and Francesco De Masi.

had to edit this because I misspelled HAMLET and Castellari the first time around!

(autephex) #47

I like it more than Keoma as well. Would love to have that Italian poster

(Silence) #48

Is De Masi still alive?

(ENNIOO) #49


(Chris_Casey) #50

De Masi died in November of 2005. About four months after Enzo had him sign those posters for me.

(The Stranger) #51

For me, a big disappointment.
The film looks great, with wonderful locations.
The music is also very good.
But typically Castellari, there are always those stupid fights. Why? This makes the film worse than he is.
I was never a fan of Castellari, I also will not. The only first-class film by him is Keoma.
OK, Quella sporca storia nel west is better than the rest of him. But somehow I can not find any real affection for this movie.
I bought the DVD last year by Koch. And by the many positive reviews I had high hopes. But even after seeing several times, I find him very little above average. From me 6 / 10.

(Stanton) #52

Exactly my thoughts about (and my rating for) this film and Castellari generally as a western director. The best scenes in his westerns are mostly not directly western related, could also have been placed in a non western, while the typical western stuff is often not that well made.

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I just got my copy of JOHNNY HAMLET on dvd today from However, it came in a KEEP case. I thought it was supposed to be a digipak. Anybody know what the deal is?


(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #54

What gave you the idea that the it was supposed to come in a digipak? Keep cases are standard for DVDs.

(blonde66) #55


I read a couple of reviews online and it said it came in a digipak. Didn’t Sebastian say it came in a digipak as well? So yours came in a keep case too?


(Paco Roman) #56

I think it’s a new release. In the former release it was a digipak. :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #57

Yes, it was originally a very beautiful Digi, which is most likely sold out. Since then it is sold as Amaray for a cheaper prize.

Does it include the booklet?

(The Stranger) #58

I have the Amaray (KEEP case) version.
And I can confirm that the booklet is included.
But a Digi is much more beautiful. :wink:

(blonde66) #59

Thanx for the confirmation, guys!


(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #60

Hmm I didn’t know Hamlet was originally a digi. I guess I prefer amarays cause I’m not too crazy about cardboard.