I've started my sw-influenced graphic novel

The story’s writ (pretty much), and I’ve been working on the paintings for the first few pages. I’ve done more than this but this is the only one that is Silence-friendly.
[I don’t care if his folks let him stay up half the night watching fellahs getting their ears cut off or their hands trampled, I’m not gonna be the one to subject him to a bloke getting shot thru’ the back of the head whilst he’s on the job :stuck_out_tongue: … (page one btw).]
I intend that every page will have sw references included within. There’s two obvious ones (?) in this bit.
I’ve got no idea whether it’ll ever get finished (or god forbid, published) but I hope so, and even then you can self-publish these days.
Even if I manage to do a page a week it’ll still take a coupla years I reckon. It’ll keep me out of mischief I suppose … mind you I’m off for a pint after this post.
Needless to say it’s a suitably fucked-up story with peote-taking nuns and their orphans, amongst the more obvious sw elements. This is the annoying kid - who’s a cripple mute, and there’s a fair bit of blindness floating about to boot.

(There’s a lot more to go on this page yet - there’s a coupla frames to the left of young hopalong going up to the saloon doors, and some more stuff still to do below so there’s plenty of story per page.)

Any thoughts, and can you spot the refs?

Dude looks like Garko’s Sartana & he seems to have Ace High. If she’s mute that there’s your Great Silence & then he’s a Blindman. Did I miss anything? BTW Rev. great idea & it looks cool & twisted. What else should we expect? Great job!

Great work, rev.

Maybe he does, and he has 4 aces (I found out that civil war era the cards were square edged and did not have the corner markings - so some authentic stuff as well).
Nope tho’. It’s the pose in the first frame and the bottle I’m lookin’ for.[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:3, topic:1997”]Great work, rev.[/quote]
Cheers BSA - plenty of blood and guts to come - could be up your street!

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:4, topic:1997”]Cheers BSA - plenty of blood and guts to come - could be up your street![/quote]Sounds deviant.

would it happen to be A Few Dollars More, when Manco walks up and plays cards in the bar, and asks for two? edit just checked the scene and the pose doesn’t match… it does seem familiar but can’t place it

excellent work btw, hope you get it published in some format, so i can get myself a copy

If it sounds deviant, let’s trade it …

Both of you are ‘sick’ :slight_smile:

They are indeed - where else am I gonna find an audience ;).

Cheers - this should give it away …

… and this is a dodgy pic of the bottle (I have a better, but that’d really give it away). This is getting like the guess the film-grab thread ;D.

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:9, topic:1997”]Cheers - this should give it away …


Ahhh… Black Jack

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:9, topic:1997”]

[/quote]and Django the Bastard.

Well done both of ya!

Oh please post the other ones Rev, I don’t mind :)!

Verrry nice rev! You could post some more pics, when Silence is in bed.

You won’t get rid of me that easy! But post anyway!

I’m still on with it - but well behind schedule! :-[
There is another finished one that’d give you all a laugh - BUT IT IS A BIT RUDE!!! I’d have to get Silence to promise not to look, if I was to post it.
The characters are developing as I’m doin’ it - which does mean the story is evolving - altho’ it is pretty much written. For instance, this fellah character has lost an eye since he was last here.
I’ve learnt to link to uploaded photos in the database now (tinypic nick yer copyright).
I am obviously not gonna put everything on here, some of it will be very adult (by the time we get in the convent :o) … but I am posting at the moment for a number of reasons …
Encouragement - it’s a big project and others have fallen by the wayside before.
Criticism - I’ve got broad shoulders!
Anybody wanna be in it? You could be a sharp-shootin’ baddie 8), a barman, a mexican bandit, a bar wench, a convent gal!!! Just send (undraped photies in the case of the gals ;)) or your ugly mug to me. I reckon Chris just HAS to be in it!
I can’t guarantee that you won’t end up with a bullet between the eyes - but at least you ain’t gonna end up like ‘ol’ peodo one-eye’ here… hoooo, that’s a nasty way to go! ;D

I’m still here ;D!

This one’s tame Silence - 'tis others that are ruder. ;D

Can’t let this happen… I’m all too familiar with how that works though. But then, what’s that bit… something about a work of art never being completed, only abandoned…

Lookin’ good though Rev… Would love to see this rude® strip

Drawn into an SW character, that would be very cool!

[quote=“autephex, post:19, topic:1997”]Lookin’ good though Rev… Would love to see this rude® strip

Drawn into an SW character, that would be very cool![/quote]
SILENCE - DO NOT LOOK!!! WARNING - Adult content!

Whad’ya fancy autephex - there’s a place for ya. This bit was modelled on me - literally, I kept grimacing wildly into the camera - the rest I made up! ::slight_smile: