Italian Crime Films

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That is close enough :slight_smile: Thanks.


I now have a top 20 for this genre I think. I know there’s no official top 20 here but there is a lot of list-making on this site and I’ve devised one so I thought what the hell.

  1. Revolver

  2. The Tough Ones

  3. Almost human

  4. Manhunt

  5. High Crime

  6. The Big racket

  7. Street law

  8. Contraband

  9. Calibre 9

  10. Violent Naples

  11. Rabid Dogs

  12. Tony Arzenta

  13. Bandits in Milan

  14. The Heroin Busters

  15. The Cynic, the Rat and the Fist

  16. A Special Cop in Action

  17. The Hired Gun

  18. Blazing Magnums

  19. Gambling City

  20. From Corleone to Brooklyn

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You never need apologise for making another list around here. We bloody love a list.

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La polizia ringrazia (Execution Squad) (1972)

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Wow. Nice. Never managed to pick up the dvd release before it went OOP so this is great news :slight_smile:

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It’s funny how I have made many top20 list for sw over the years but for giallo or crime flick -which I’ve seen quite many too- I’ve never made it. I could probably name my top5 for both genres but that’s about it.

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I just watched Giuseppe Vari’s Ritornano quelli della calibro 38 with bland english title Gangsters. I wanted to see it because I like Vari’s westerns but unfortunately apart from Luciano Rossi there’s really nothing memorable or special in the film.


I’ve enjoyed a few of these flicks, but my main complaint with many of them is the English dubbed versions - Typically they have American voice actors using very exaggerated American accents and slang, plus referring to dollars rather than Italian Lira, as if they’re pretending the films are set in some fictional nameless American city. Neutral, or preferably Italian accents would certainly raise their value for me.
I have discussed this with Italian friends, who’ve all told me that so much of the local humour gets lost in these redubs. But I suppose many will just enjoy the exploitation style crime movies, purely for these reasons and the over the top violent scenarios.


Me too!..and to be honest, i don’t mind the over the top violence/exploitation style on some of them. If it entertains me, i’m ok with it.


Me too. :smile:


Yeah I can definetely agree with that. I’ve been lucky enough to see a fair few in Italian though like Almost Human, Bandits in Milan, The Milieu Trilogy etc. They’re certainly much better viewing that way.

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Operazione Kappa…sparate A Vista! by Subkultur Entertainment
Cover A limited to 500 pieces

Cover B limited to 500 pieces

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Sold :wink:

Btw more reviews of such movies are wanted for the GCDb! If you are interested, let me know

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Currently watching Street People by Maurizio Lucidi


Gang War in Milan with Antonio Sabata was :+1:.