Italian Crime Films


I’m glad you’ve said that because I wasn’t that keen on it either. I couldn’t help but feel that Sollima was trying to loosely adapt Carmen/Man, Pride and Vengeance there and it wasn’t as good. Isn’t too much of a stretch given that Revolver was a loose remake of The Big Gundown. Definetely his weakest film that I’ve seen so far.

Agreed. Given that most spags have very little if any depth, there was definitely a need for someone like him to make intellectual films and he stands through the abyss a hell of a lot because of it.


Almost Human arrived yesterday. I’ll watch it tonight/tomorrow if I get chance.

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I’m a little surprised to find out its such a polarizing film, it seems one either loves it or really dislikes it. But thats what makes art so much fun to dissect. Interesting to note, Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Valhalla Rising) says its his favorite Italian film of all time.

It’s great, and I believe thats Tomas doing his own dub in Italian which was rare for him in the 70s. One thing tho, its not really as poliziesco as it is advertised, its more like an exploitation-thriller. Similar to Mad Dog Killer in that way.


Haven’t watched it yet (might have to be tomorrow night now) but I prefer films like that where their part of one genre, but branch out and do their own thing as well.


Watched Almost Human on the weekend and loved it, Milian was great and kept the film really engaging despite playing such a despicable bastard. Also watched High Crime last night. I think it’s the best Castellari crime film I’ve seen so far and probably my favourite of his after Johnny Hamlet.

BTW Does anyone know where I can get a dvd (don’t mind if it’s a bootleg) of Violent Naples at all? I’ve searched but never been able to find a thing :confused:

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not to my knowledge…

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There was a bootleg dvd by Alpha Digital released years ago but I believe it’s not available anywhere nowadays. Maybe with some luck you could find it on ebay.

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I’ve been trying to find this film! How did you get a copy?

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It’s available in this cheap Pop Flix set in widescreen.

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Which is probably the same as the Alpha Video release (which I have) which apparently ripped of the Koch Media release and added the English dub. So a bootleg of sorts. It would be nice if Koch Media decided to release an upgraded English-friendly blu-ray release. Dorado Films in the States are also into these Italian crime movies but I do not know if the have scooped up the rights to this one.


Brothers till we Die (1978)

Lame crime flick from Umberto Lenzi with (Tomas Milian) overacting in a dual role as twin brothers. For me this had way too much talk with silly moments and not enough action, and the sight of Milian’s characters wearing eyeliner and ugly wigs was really annoying.

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I really liked that one personally. :smiley:


Thanks man.


I’ll PM you.

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There is a UK DVD release of High Crime under the title The Marseilles Connection.

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unable to find it on amazon UK, can you let me know some details? is it a legit one or bootleg?

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23 rd Century is a bootleg outfit that released the title. Used to know one of the guys who did the covers for their releases. They got into a spot of bother when they released an Elvis title, and soon after they stopped releasing stuff.

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@PanningForGold Do you plan on releasing High Crime on blu-ray in the foreseeable future?


As a rule, we don’t want to commit to any future releases until we have examined our print and see if it is good enough quality to be enjoyable. It’s a great film, but until we actually do a visual inspection of the print it is unknown on the status.

I forgot that there are a lot of Euro-crime fans on this forum as well…