Italian Crime Films

Has anyone seen La banda del trucido? It has to be the worst for me.

yeah most Monnezza movies are pretty bad…. except Brothers till we Die, which I like.

Yeah, I love that film. :slight_smile: It would have been even better with Merli in it.

I watched Redneck with Franco Nero and Telly Savalas. Absolutely dreadful film that had the potential to be good if they’d have hired a better scriptwriter. There’s some really creepy stuff that left me baffled, too. In one scene, Franco Nero stands stark naked in front of 13-14 year old Mark Lester. After he leaves, Lester strips himself, tries to imitate Nero shaving and gazes at his own private parts. Not really sure what was going on in everybody’s head.

you gotta love the 70s… so many weird movies and politically incorrect scenes back then :slight_smile:


I like weird movies but there’s limits. :smile:

I just watched Torino violenta AKA Double Game. It’s even worse than Redneck and Destruction Force. I can’t believe I sat through it. It turned my brain to mush.

Watched Highway Racer a couple of months back and I actually quite enjoyed it. Wasn’t sure how I’d take to it because I didn’t like Emergency Squad or Convoy busters but it reminded me of Walter Hill’s The Driver although I actually thought it was better.

I got a copy of this recently. I need to watch it.

Convoy Busters is a bit slow but I thought Emergency Squad was pretty entertaining.

I thought it was prettly flat and uninspired, even Milian couldn’t save it.

I kind of liked both. Emergency Squad is pretty nice for me, Convoy Busters is a lot more erratic, but still pretty decent.

I’m not too picky since I like the genre. The only ones I can’t stand are Destruction Squad and Double Game. Absolutely dreadful

I watched The Italian Connection AKA Manhunt in Milan recently. Definitely one of the better ones.

I dig this box… still have to watch the doc

Are you referring to the ‘Eurocrime!’ doc? If so you won’t be dissapointed-it’s great :+1:

Definitely. I really loved the whole film but the chase in particular is stellar. I know this may be an unpopular opinion but I think it’s far better than the chases in Bullitt and Ronin.


Does anybody know what the story is behind the different English dubs for Confessions of a Police Captain? On the Wild East DVD, Franco Nero dubs his own voice but not on the Blu-ray.

My mistake. I got mixed up. It’s the same dub.

That’s what too much J&B will do to you :slight_smile:


Just watched Mario Bava’s Rabid Dogs. Absolutely terrible film! Such a disappointment. It did, however, have some moments that were pure comedy gold, so that made up for it a bit. I’ll never watch it again though. I think I’ll start rating crimes on a good, bad and ugly scale. Rabid Dogs makes the bad category but not quite as ugly as Destruction Force and Double Game.