Italian Crime Films

(Phil H) #721

Checked Amazon Uk at the weekend and there are some there too. Not as many as the list above but still a handful. They also have the Eurocrime documentary made a couple of years ago by Mike Malloy. I watched that on Saturday and really enjoyed it.


Watched SHOOT FIRST, DIE LATER last week. Not bad, nothing to get excited about either. Just an average Di Leo crime flick.

(chuck connors brother) #723

Still a 9/10 for me, the cat in the bag scene was a bit of a shock

(Bill san Antonio) #724

I watched these 2 Castellari crime flicks again recently.

Heroin Busters
Fabio Testi and David Hemmings are after drug traffickers. Some great action in the end but the last scene was overlong chase with aeroplanes which I thought boring.

Street Law
Maybe Castellari’s best film after Keoma. The scene where Nero is chased by a car is just amazing. Very good score by De Angelis brothers.

(Jonny Powers) #725

Cry of a Prostitute has been released on blu-ray at DiabolikDVD:

(Sebastian) #726

Cool. There’s also a German disc announced…

(AngelFace) #727

A proper release of High Crime is really the one I’d like to see. Watching a crappy video tape 15 years ago I was convinced it was an out and out classic. I wonder if it really is/was.

It seems like a very high profile example of the genre not to have a good release.

(Sebastian) #728

well Dorado Films have announced it so maybe it’ll arrive this year :slight_smile:

(AngelFace) #729

That sounds promising! I hope it happens.

(kit saginaw) #730

Dammit. Machine-Gun McCain… A beautifully-filmed disappointment. I bet John Cassavetes only fired 30-rounds in the entire picture. I think a Sten-clip holds 30. So he fired one clip. I guess the abrupt ending is what is… like an episode of Highway Patrol. Unbelievably weak. Great score-collaboration by Morricone & Nicolai, however.

(Casey) #731

I just watched Sollima’s Revolver, great great movie, maybe the best thing he did after the Big Gundown?

The same night I also watched Castelarri’s the Big Racket, also good with lots of great stylized action but didn’t have any of the grace or thoughtfulness of Revolver.

Looking forward to watching morrle poliziottesco film’s, I have Almost Human and Caliber 9 up next!

(The Man With a Name) #732

Almost Human is one of the best.

(Bill san Antonio) #733

And Caliber 9 is The Best. :slight_smile:

(ENNIOO) #734

Prefer Sollima’s crime films to his westerns.

(Casey) #735

Almost Human was so good! Loved it, Tomas was crazy and brilliant as always. Caliber 9 was also good, but it wasn’t quite “wacky” enough for my tastes, felt much too similar to Jean Pierre-Melville’s movies at many times.

Love these poliziotteschis tho, I have Syndicate Sadists up next


After being a fan of spaghetti westerns for the best part of a decade, I’ve finally decided to start watching a few poliziotteschis, and after watching Revolver, The Big Racket, Street Law, Heroin Busters, Contraband and Di Leo’s Milieu trilogy I’m wondering why I didn’t do it earlier. I have High Crime, Almost Human, The Tough Ones and The Cynic, The Rat and the Fist all coming in the post and I’m very much looking forward to their arrival.

(Casey) #737

Just watched Sollima’s Violent City (known as “The Family” in the US). Absolutely amazing film. Its crazy how talented Sollima was as a director. After seeing this and Revolver (in addition to his Spags of course), I think it would be reasonable to consider Sollima among the all-time great Italian directors, and this very well may be his best ever movie.

Also, that ending!!! :astonished:

(Bill san Antonio) #738

I think one reason Sollima wasn’t that appreciated at time because most of his films were so heavily cut. Violent City is a good example as it is now available only as a composite version where the audio chages constantly. Personally I don’t like Violent City that much but it has some brilliant scenes, the ending particularly.

(Stanton) #739

I think Sollima was a good director, but not a great one. His films are too much “brain” films, and less felt films. More head than stomach.
I prefer easily Corbucci or Collizi. Corbucci, the greatest talent waster on earth, made also the more daring Spags.

(Casey) #740

But thats exactly why he is great! To each, his own though, of course!