Italian Crime Films


I have just became interested in them big time. I have the ones that Kinski , Palance and Bronson made , also the 5 movie dvd set “Crime Boss” with Franco Nero , Yul Brynner , Telly Savalas and Oliver Reed.

I have viewed quite a few on YouTube recently and it’s great to see a lot of the SW stars appear in them , like Gordon Mitchell , Nello Pazzafini , Erika Blanc and of course , Tomas Milian.


I like it , it’s not brilliant but it is watchable . Rita Hayworth’s career was very much over when she made this movie and Kinski & Gemma are brilliant (as always).

(Michael Baker) #703

My two favourites from this genre are Revolver and Almost Human.

(JonathanCorbett) #704

The scene to check in Revolver is around 43:20 or 40:20 depending on the version.

(Sebastian) #705

Just discovered these two great boxes


(Farmer_J) #706

The only thing that annoys me with this is that Shoot First, Die Later uses dubtitles. Not sure about subs on Naked Violence.

(Sebastian) #707

That’s unfortunate, are they really bad or just a minor aberration?

(Stanton) #708

I bought the Vol. 1 box, but as DVD.

And it was the Italian Raro release, and I watched them also in Italian with English subs. But they also contain English audio and the informative booklet was bilingual too.

It was much cheaper than the English DVD. But Rulers of the City was not anamorph, but letterboxed 1,85:1. Still good enough picture quality.

(Farmer_J) #709

They’re not too bad, they just follow the English dub. It just annoyed me, like the Blue Underground Mannaja disc, also dubtitles. I wish they actually translated the Italian, rather than slap on basic subs, and still write “Newly translated”.

(Sebastian) #710

Got two reviews that might be of interest to y’all

The Day of the Owl aka Mafia aka Il Giorno della Civetta

I am the Law aka The Iron Prefect aka Il Prefetto di Ferro

(Bill san Antonio) #711

I watched Fidani’s La Legge della Camorra yesterday. First I thought it was going to be very good, there was two different timelines mixed in the style of Once Upon a Time in America and the scenes with Simone Blondell were good but soon it became obvious that it was one of Fid’s patchwork films made from recycled/unused material from his previous crime film Electric Chair (Haven’t seen that one). In the end the film didn’t make any sense and it just ends in scenes where gangster shoot each other and you have no idea why.

(Sebastian) #712

Thanks, took the opportunity and added it (along with your remarks) to the database


Watched two italians today

CITY UNDER SIEGE - Enrico Maria Salerno is investigating some deaths in the city of Turin and suspects that the upper class is behind a drug/sex trafficking racket. In the meantime, a lot of other things, relevant or not, are shown while the plot unfolds. The performances are quite good and there’s a nice moody score by Rustichelli but the film is a bit overlong and certainly less focused on its main plot than it should.

THE OVERLORDS aka FEAR IN THE CITY - Cosa Nostra themed crime/drama written and directed by Gianni Manera who also stars. A complete mess, there isn’t the smallest hint of what you’d call a decent direction. From some point on, the action is transferred from one location to another every 5 minutes. New York, Abruzzo, Palermo, Sicily, New York again, Marseilles, you name it. Bad dubbing as usual in this kind of garbage. The uncut version has a runtime of 117 min and demands a lot of patience to be viewed in its entirety. Shit like this reminds me why I have stopped searching for the more obscure italian crime films long time now.

(Michael Baker) #714

For anyone who likes their Italian crime films (poliziotteschi) 88 films are releasing a Blu Ray of The Cynic, The Rat and the Fist on November 7th 2016. Their only other release to date from the genre is Live Like a Cop Die Like a Man.,the_Rat%26_the_Fist/BluRay

(Jonny Powers) #715

I’ve been looking to get some overseas releases (I live in the US), preferably on blu ray, of some poliziotteschi, but I’m not sure where to start for english friendly releases. I know there’s a good half dozen or so from filmart that are supposed to be good, are there any others? Any older releases I might have missed?
FYI I’ve got just about every official US release of these films, old NoShame DVDs included; my goal is to acquire titles which will probably never get a release here in the states.

(Michael Baker) #716

Unfortunately I don’t know of many Blu Ray releases. 88 films have some coming out but I don’t think they will work on region 1 players. It sounds like you have raro video releases - Fernando Di Leo crime collection etc. DVDR’s might be the way to go but they obviously vary in quality. Which titles are you looking for in particular?

(Jonny Powers) #717

Well, that’s the thing, I’m not really looking for anything in particular. I have already seen a lot already. If DVDs are all that’s available for some of the more obscure titles, I’m fine with that. As it stands, however, these are the films I’ve already got (by English title):

Gang War in Milan
Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
Killer Cop
Meet Him and Die
Sicilian Connection, The
Stunt Squad
Wake Up and Kill

Almost Human
Cats, The
Colt 38 Special Squad
Confessions of a Police Captain & Summertime Killer
Convoy Busters
Double Game
Emergency Squad
Farewell Friend & Rider on the Rain
How to Kill a Judge
I am the Law & Mafia
Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
Last Round, The
Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man
Loaded Guns
Machine Gun McCain
Mad Dog Killer
Man Called Magnum, A
Ricco the Mean Machine
Ring of Death (Blade on the same disc)
Seagulls Fly Low
Shoot First, Die Later
Syndicate Sadists
Violent City, The
Violent Professionals, The
Weapons of Death
Young, Violent, Dangerous
Big Guns Collection

  • Big Guns
  • Violent Professionals
  • Long Arm of the Godfather, The
  • Magnum Cop
  • Emergency Squad
    Fernando Di Leo: The Italian Crime Collection
  • Caliber 9
  • Italian Connection, The
  • Boss, The
  • Rulers of the City
    Fernando Di Leo: The Italian Crime Collection Vol. 2
  • Shoot First, Die Later
  • Kidnap Syndicate
  • Naked Violence
    Midnight Movies Vol. 3: Action Triple Feature
  • Big Racket, The
  • Heroin Busters
  • Street Law
    Midnight Movies Vol. 7: Crime Double Feature
  • Grand Slam
  • Revolver

I know that’s quite a bit to go and weed through, but if you know of any labels or other sources known for English friendly discs, I’d much appreciate it!
Also, region locks aren’t a problem for me, I’ve got a region-free player :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #718

Just to make sure, at the GCDb we have tried to list as many releases as we are aware of, just like with the SWDb…

(Stork Vulture) #719

Some eurocrime films are available in the USA on Amazon Prime Video for streaming, I don’t know their availability in other countries. As I mentioned on the SW streaming thread, these may appear or disappear without notice, and no timeframe guarantee, could go up and down within a couple of months.

So here are some I found, and some of these might not fit well for the criteria, I haven’t seen most of these and am including anything that looks like it might have police or crime involved, sorry if I’m including some inappropriate titles. Some may be dupes with different titles that I’ve not seen, sorry in advance

The Boss
The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist
Gang War in Milan
The Heroin Busters
Hired Gun aka Go Gorilla Go ?
How to Kill a Judge
Kidnap Syndicate
Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man
Manhunt 4x3 in english also under The Italian Connection in 16x9 w/ english subs
Manhunt in the City
Meet Him and Die
Shoot First, Die Later
Violent Naples

(ENNIOO) #720

Thats a fair few titles !, I am impressed.