Italian Crime Films

(Hellbender) #681

That is very good news :slight_smile:

(sartana1) #682

So Killer Cop is worth picking up? I dont recall seeing it mentioned as a top crime film

(Jonny Powers) #683

Well, I like Raro and I wanna support them. It’s also a Poliziottesco I haven’t seen yet, preordered it and picked up Uomini Contro as well for the price of one, so I figure why not ;D

(sartana1) #684

I’ll check it out. I got Gang War in Milan recently & liked it. Dont know if you’re a fan of gothic horror but I just ordered Long Hair of Death from Raro. Looking forward to that one :slight_smile:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #685

[quote=“sartana1, post:682, topic:376”]So Killer Cop is worth picking up? I dont recall seeing it mentioned as a top crime film[/quote]Yes , really good. Fantastic Cipriani score too.

(BChristgau) #686

My favorites would have to be MILANO CALIBRO 9 and REVOLVER, both which are well worth hunting down.

(deathrides) #687

Why does Tessari’s Big Guns / Tony Arzenta rarely get a mention? as good as anything in the genre imo

(Jonny Powers) #688

I’d assume the difficulty in getting an English friendly release? I have it on a Pop-Flix bargain set, ripped from the Japanese DVD I think :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #689

I’d say KILLER COP and TONY ARZENTA were both very good and both very well known.

Maybe not very well known to those that call them Eurocrime all the time.

That term actually bugs me, it gets used solely for “Italian Crime” the documentary is really good but it’s about Italian Crime, nothing about French, German even British etc

(sartana1) #690

I’ll have to rewatch Big Guns. So far my favorite would have to be Il Boss. Just ordered Roma a Mano Armata German DVD.

(titoli) #691

Romanzo Criminale (2005)

Once upon a time in America (Italy) meets The Baader Meinhof Complex (with a bit of Heat).

Michele Placido’s gangster saga which can be compared to many movies and unfortunately for it, those movies have usually done it better. Here we have childhood friends that become crime lords, but their childhood years are skipped in about two minutes, so, unlike Sergio Leone’s epic, movie fails to get us attached to the characters. Also the cop character (the thing that reminded me to Heat) is superficial. Movie tries to incorporate real terrorist events from one of the Italy’s most turbulent and controversial periods in the story, but this part will be very confusing for anyone who’s not familiar with these events, and connection of these events with movie’s main protagonists feels very stretched. What probably annoyed me the most is that camera is non-stop sliding, which gives constant feeling that we are skipping through events and never stop to have a deeper look at certain point in the story.

Still, it is watchable movie, especially if you like crime movies (based on real people), but the story had potential for great movie.

(titoli) #692

Liberi armati pericolosi aka Young, Violent, Dangerous (1976)

Above-average Romolo Guerrieri’s poliziotteschi scripted by Fernando di Leo. Kind of Natural Born Killers 70s Italian style, it makes no points but asks a lot of questions what makes the youth become desperate and angry - and that is exactly the point of the movie. It also has a very good car chase scene and beautiful Eleonora Giorgi. On the down side, score was irritatingly ‘light’ and unsuitable.

(sartana1) #693

Has anyone seen The Bastard (aka The Cats) with Giuliano Gemma & Klaus Kinski? Is it worth picking up?

(ENNIOO) #694

Enjoyed it myself, so its a thumbs up from me.

(sartana1) #695

Thanks, I will get it. I was surprised to see the Warner Archive version… They apparently share the rights to a few Italian productions. Not sure how that works but fine with me

(Jonny Powers) #696

Damn, I never knew Warner Archive put this out! Flew right under the radar that did.

(JonathanCorbett) #697

Revolver a.k.a. Blood in the Streets (Sòllima, 1973)

The Spanish DVD is cut and the other version I know - with opening credits in English - includes nudity but is missing a scene that was part of the original VM18 theatrical release (116 min) in which the car runs over Calisti repeatedly. Can you tell me if there is a fully uncut release for this one? Thanks in advance.

(Jonny Powers) #698

Is the other version you speak of the Blue Underground release? The only editions I know of are that and the OOP Italian Filmax release, it had both Italian and Spanish audio.

(JonathanCorbett) #699

Yes, there are also a third release from Colosseo (without Italian audio on two scenes, ‎which is annoying) and TV broadcasts from Sky Classics and Rai Movie, but I don’t know the exact runtime and if they have the uncut version of the scene with Calisti.

(Jonny Powers) #700

I’ve only seen the BU release, and that a long time ago. I think I’ll revisit it during spring break, will let you know if it;s in there. Where is this scene reported/last seen?