Italian Crime Films

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Hahaha! Well, I remembered what you said about your record collection today and was browsing through some at my local farmer’s market today when I came across the Mondo Cane soundtrack for 5 bucks. I just decided what the hell, I’ll get a player one of these days and picked that up with the Star Wars soundtrack ($6). I’ll try and upload some pics after my (dead) phone charges :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m sure you won’t regret it, when you’l be sitting at home, putting on a record, maybe putting your headphones on, and enjoying the great music while watching the needle scratching the record. :wink:
Nothing can beat that, in my opinion. ;D

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Il grande racket

In this one Fabio Testi is Dirty Harry who assembles some kind of a vigilante dirty (half a) dozen with a death wish.

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[quote=“titoli, post:663, topic:376”]Il grande racket

In this one Fabio Testi is Dirty Harry who assembles some kind of a vigilante dirty (half a) dozen with a death wish.[/quote]

That’s the best summary for this film I’ve ever read! :wink:

(sartana1) #665

Was it any good?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #666

Big Racket is great stuff.

(Bill san Antonio) #667

My favorite from Castellari’s crime films.

(Mickey13) #668

I second that, Yodlaf. It’s inferior to Castellari’s outstanding Street Law and becomes sporadically a little too clichéd, but it remains one of his better efforts. Well, at least it’s better than stodgy Heroin Busters.

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Well, just checked out Colt 38 Special Squad and the bonus film La Bidonata on the NoShame disc. Both were actually surprisingly good, much better than I anticipated! I just got Wild East’s Confessions of a Police Captain and Summertime Killer DVD as well. I heard Confessions is supposed to be pretty good, but the dub doesn’t use Nero’s original voice. Anyone know how good or bad it is and if there’s a better quality release of Confessions?

(ENNIOO) #670

I really like Confessions of a Police Captain. Not as more action as some, but enough for me. Such an interesting story I find.

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I still have to pick up the Confessions Of A Police Captain/Summertime Killer DVD from Wild East. I’ve been putting off for years :stuck_out_tongue: . The Mafia/I Am The Law DVD is great though! Both films were excellent!

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Well, this thread hasn’t seen much action lately, but anyways I just got my preordered blu ray of Stunt Squad in, with Gang War in Milan thrown if with a weekend free deal!


Violent City/The Family(1970) Sergio Sollima

Nothing special really, just an ok vengeance crime film with Charles Bronson going thru the motions with very little dialogue coming out of his mouth :o. For some reason i expected a little bit more action, but it is what it is. Bizarre ending though.

Secrets of a Call Girl(1973) Giuliano Carnimo

Heh…strange name for a crime film that i really didn’t like it that much, except for maybe Edwige Fenech who gets nude on some scenes and gets to act a little bit in this fast paced and confusing film.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #674

I really like Violent City, I prefer Revolver though.

(ENNIOO) #675

The Black Hand (1973).

A young man joins the mafia after struggling to find work and killing a man. Good cast in this short film and with some bloody violence all set to a fairly bleak atmosphere.


A Special Cop in Action(1976)

Finally give this one a watch, after sitting on my watch pile for so long. ::slight_smile:

Anyways, I had a good time with this one. It was pretty good and fun to watch. In this third entry to the series, the Commissioner(Maurizio Merli) has his hands full with nutty criminals and a crime boss. Great action scenes, especially the long car chases and the soundtrack is not bad either, kinda funky. All and all a good time, but i prefer Violent Rome.

(Bill san Antonio) #677

Bruno Corbucci: Squadra Antigangsters
-I think this was 7th film I’ve seen out of 11 Nico Giraldi films Corbucci made with Tomas Milian. It wasn’t particularly good but I like the character of Giraldi and Milian looks like he’s having fun in the role. Usually the music is really good in these films but I didn’t like the score in this one even though it was by Goblin.

There was one moment that made me burst into laughter as villain in the film says her girl looks like Woody Allen:

(Farmer_J) #678

I recently finished watching Gambling City(Sergio Martino, 1975).
Great little crime/drama/thriller. Its about the card shark, Luca, played by who else? Luc Merenda, in full on smiley mode. He is pitted against Corrado Pani, who plays a great villain, the son of “The President”, a mobster confined to a wheelchair, who runs the underground gambling dens that Luca attends. Luca is romantically involved with Corrado’s girl, who eventually tries to get away from him, with the help of Luca, but their past has a habit of creeping up on them. Plenty of shootings, although it surprised me the Merenda does not kill one person. Most of the deaths are mobsters against other mobsters, plus Corrado kills someone in a very cruel fashion. Nice jazzy soundtrack, but the opening title theme is a bit too jokey, as it sounds like something that should be in a Trinity film. I loved the chase music, combined with a great all around performance by Dayle Haddon, so a fair 8/10 from me.

P.S. I’m selling my Noshame copy of the dvd if anyone is interested.

(Jonny Powers) #679

I agree with you on the soundtrack. The jazzy stuff is real good but the theme just kills it. No wonder they left it out of the trailer! ;D

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Luciano Erricoli’s Killer Cop blu ray up for preorder on Raro’s FB page: