Italian Crime Films

(ENNIOO) #581

The Naples Connection title sticks in my head.

(Jonny Powers) #582

Quick question: Watching Violent City (1970) now, bout hour twenty min in theres the scene where Bronson goes into Telly Savalas’ office. There’s a movie playing on a retractable tv, know it’s a spaghetti, heard the music before. Can any of you guys identify it?

(ENNIOO) #583

Seven Guns For The MacGregors I think.

(Jonny Powers) #584

Ah, I believe that’s it! Thanks!

(Bill san Antonio) #585

-Bud Spencer’s comedic police movie. I was expecting more crazy film but it’s actually pretty regular crime flick of the 70’s. Bud Spencer plays a friendly police who doesn’t use guns but his fists and who has conflicts with his new captain because of his unusual methods. It’s more light and less violent than the usual cop films but not crazy slapstick comedy like some other Bud Spencer films even though there’s some of the inevitable fist fights.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #586

I really like Flatfoot. Have you seen any of the sequels? They are all comedy slapstick violence like Spencer films normally are and nothing like the first.

(Bill san Antonio) #587

No, this was the first I’ve seen but I think I’ve seen various clips from the sequels. That’s why I was expecting something different.

(Wild The Hunchback) #588

Recently added to my collection ,

Hitchhike (Franco Nero)

The Crime Boss Collection (5 movies , 2 dvd’s)
1] Crime Boss: Telly Savalas, Antonio Sabato
2] Street Law : Franco Nero, Barbara Bach
3] Revolver : Oliver Reed, Fabio Testi
4] Confessions Of A Police Captain : Franco Nero , Martin Balsam
5] Death Rage : Yul Brynner, Martin Balsam

(Jonny Powers) #589

Raro’s got a new poliziottesco coming out, La polizia ha le mani legate, aka Killer Cop and Portrait of a 60% Perfect Man. Anybody ever seen or heard of this one? Supposed to be based on the Piazza Fontana bombings in 1969 Milan.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #590

Killer Cop is really good. Really looking forward to the Blu Ray.

(Jonny Powers) #591

Great! I’ve only got Raro’s Crimr Collection vol 1 box, but I am looking to picj up their other releases! I’d also like to see them release some of the stuff they’ve put out in Europe but not the US, like Killer vs Killers

(RamonRed) #592

I can’t wait for, Killer Cop and Gang War In Milan. Raro is really releasing some good stuff!

(Jonny Powers) #593

Wait, Gang War in Milan as well?!

Edit: Oh, man! Just checked their Facebook page, saw along with Gang War they’re putting out Pronto ad Uccidere aka Meet Him and Die in January!

(kit saginaw) #594

1951, Three Steps NorthLloyd Bridges is Frankie; a convicted war-profiteer who sneaks back into Italy to dig-up his buried cash. -But he inadvertently becomes a collateral pawn in a stolen-passport ring and murder-plots after meeting his former girlfriend, Lea Padovani. There aren’t subtitles, so the dialogue is realistic; language-barrier and all. Also, Aldo Fabrizi as the graveyard-caretaker, make this a very satisfying mystery-yarn.

(Jonny Powers) #595

Hey guys! Another movie question ;D watching Contraband now and about the 35-40 minute mark is yet again another spag on a tv. Could someone identify it please? Oh, and around the 45 minute mark three more movies are flicked through on the television, a poliziottesco, an erotica, and finally a spag. If the first and the last (think it’s from they call him hallelujah) can be identified, kudos to you! :smiley: Oh and one final edit, I’m sorry for the trouble, but at the 1:15 mark there’s another spag :-\

(Yodlaf Peterson) #596

Coming from Raro

(sartana1) #597

Oh yeah! Thanks for the heads up on that one

(Jonny Powers) #598

Found this!

Finally, the Poliziotteschi gets a guide! ;D

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[quote=“Jonny Powers, post:598, topic:376”]Found this!

Finally, the Poliziotteschi gets a guide! ;D[/quote]

I got this book for Xmas. Great read and a must have for fans of Poliziotteschi films. The editing could have been tighter though. There are quite a few grammatical mistakes :-\ .

(Jonny Powers) #600

groan I’m such a grammar Nazi, this’ll probably get to me. :frowning: