Italian Crime Films

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Goodbye & Amen sounds good, Bill. The only Damiani “crime” film I’ve seen is How To Kill A Judge. I enjoyed it as a nice change of pace from the Lenzi, Massi, etc. films I’m used to. I’ll have to check it out.

(Bill san Antonio) #562

Delitto al ristorante cinese
-8th film in the Bruno Corbucci’s Nico Giraldi series with Tomas Milian. Milian has now a double role as he reprises his chinaman role from Il bianco il giallo il nero. At this point the serie is definitely more about comedy than action. There’s lots of jokes especially verbal jokes which don’t translate that good to english and there’s hardly any violence. If you are a fan of Milian and if you liked Il bianco il giallo il nero this might be a film for you but otherwise I’d suggest the 3 or 4 first film of the series where the combination of action and comedy is better balanced.

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Have to stay in bed with the flu, so I’ve rewatched two Lenzi classics:

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If I was sick with the flu, I would do the exact same thing, Bluntwolf. Those are my top 2 Poliziotteschi films. :smiley:

(Bill san Antonio) #566

Last one I watched was once again one of the Nico Giraldi films

Murder on the Tiber
-Fifth film in the series and probably the first one where the comedy starts to overrun the action. Rather entertaining film anyway, there’s a hint of Rashomon style storytelling as Giraldi is trying to solve the murder and every suspect is telling their own version of the story. And then there’s the usual comedy moments as we see Giraldi singing in the disco contest, chasing a car by riding horse, slapping the poor sidekick thief etc. Giraldi’s wife steps into the series in this one too.

(Phil H) #567

Watched Murder on the Tiber myself the other day.
As you say, Bill, more comedy than action here but a whodunnit at heart. Couldn’t really recommend this to anyone although I didn’t actually hate it. Only my Milian fetishism keeps me watching these Giraldi films.

(ENNIOO) #568

Some of the Giraldi films are a challenge to watch till the end for me.

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It’s still Lenzi time:

Fun movie with great cast ;D

(Yodlaf Peterson) #570

Watched Shadows Unseen, really need an English friendly DVD.

(ENNIOO) #571

Looks interesting…not heard of before.

(chameleon) #572

CG has an english dub version.

I’ve seen it, it’s a cool film.

(sartana1) #573

Saw Shoot First Die Later at the cinema. I dont see why its gotten such great reviews. A few quite memorable moments but not a top movie of the genre imo.

(Keith) #574

[size=12pt][font=times new roman]I’m a new fan to Italian crime movies. I’ve seen more than I own on DVD. I have so far bought Midnight Movies Vol 3: Action Triple Feature (Big Racket/Heroin Busters/Street Law), Crime Boss Collection (Crime Boss, Street Law, Revolver, Confessions of a Police Captain & Death Rage), Mafia Kingpin Collection (Mister Scarface, The Cop in Blue Jeans, The Cynic, The Rat & The Fist, The Master Touch & Violent Naples), Big Guns Collection (Big Guns, Violent Professionals, The Long Arm of the Godfather, Magnum Cop & Emergency Squad), Violent City & I think that’s about it so far. I do want to get more. [/font][/size]

(RamonRed) #575

That’s a nice selection there, Keith. If you haven’t already, check out the following Poliziotteschi films.

Available from Raro Video
Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection’s Vol. 1 & 2
Live Like A Cop Die Like A Man
Young, Violent And Dangerous

Available from Wild East
Confessions Of A Police Captain/Summertime Killer
I Am The Law/Mafia
Rider In The Rain/Good Bye My Friend

These are out of print from No Shame, but can still be found at reasonable prices on Amazon and eBay.
Almost Human
Colt.38 Special Squad
Convoy Busters
Double Game
Gambling City
The Last Round
A Man Called Magnum

(Keith) #576

[size=12pt][font=times new roman]Thanks RamonRed. I’ll definitely have to check out the ones out of those I haven’t seen. I have seen Almost Human.
Colt.38 Special Squad & A Man Called Magnum. I liked all 3 of them. [/font][/size]

(Yodlaf Peterson) #577

Glad you’re enjoying the Italian crime films, Keith. Along with Spaghettis they are my two favourite Italian Genres.

(Keith) #578

[size=12pt][font=times new roman]Besides the Italian crime movies, I do really love spaghetti westerns. The last one I saw was Four of the Apocalypse. I had wanted to see it because I’m a fan of Fabio Testi, Tomas Milian & Lucio Fulci. [/font][/size]

(RamonRed) #579

I’m a big fan of Milian, Testi, and Fulci too! If you like Fabio Testi, see if you can track down a copy of Camorra (aka Gang War In Naples). That one is really cool. Also check out Contraband by Fulci, with Testi in the lead if you haven’t already.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #580

Contraband, or The Smuggler as I prefer (more used to calling it) to call it, is fantastic. It’s a crying shame Fulci only made the one. It’s quite a late entry too.