Introducing Euro-westerns

Hi there, I’m very new at this, it’s my first ever post anywhere!! Anyway as a long term fan of the genre it is something I watched alone. None of my friends would watch Italo westerns. So my question to the community is:
What movie would you recommend to someone to hook them on to the genre?


Hi Ali! Welcome to the forum! Stick around amigo, we’re a friendly bunch.

As to your query, I personally found that the way to go is to motor through our own SWDB Spaghetti Westerns Top 20 from top to bottom. Or from bottom to top. Or in any order you like, really! You can’t go wrong with those, and almost all have received decent blu-ray releases in recent years. Enjoy!

For people interested in movies generally - any Leone. If I was about to show someone who might be into genre/cult films but not Spags yet, then I would go with a Corbucci.

Glad to be here!!
My No.1 is For a few Dollars More. In 2012 I visited Mini Hollywood, a theme park built around Carlo Simi’s sets for that film. It was a dream walk where your heroes did. My girlfriend got so fed up of me pointing out where various scenes took place.

Interesting you should say that. My attempts at screening Leone has always failed. Corbucci is the heart of the genre. Companeros is the only one that went down well for me.

Hi Ali,

I would forget about introducing any genre to new people, if they are interested enough in film, and this type of production then they will discover it for themselves.

Just enjoy the movies you like in your own time and don’t try to convert those who will probably be bored to death.

PS: This is from experience … I also brought my EX- girlfriend to Almeria. :crazy_face:

Wise words! I will keep viewing and discussing it with Spag-west community!:cowboy_hat_face:
Did your girlfriend enjoy Almeria?

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She enjoyed visiting the area, but had no appreciation for the film history - so I mostly explored solo.

That’s a shame I couldn’t appreciate one without the other. I know there are three western parks in Almeria, Mini Hollywood, Fort Bravo and Texas Hollywood. Which one did you visit?

Read through that list you sent and I can’t fault it really mine would jumble the listings round slightly. One I really like that no one seems to like is Terence Young’s Red Sun with Charles Bronson and Toshiro Mifune.
I can’t stand Matalo, though. I am surprised that the Trinity films didn’t make the list.

I’ve visited all of them at various times - been on about 7 or 8 visits to the area.
Actually I find it more fun exploring the locations around the western towns, although they’re a ‘must see’ for any fan … there’s too much poor restoration to really get that SW feeling … Coca Cola machine parked beside the bank of El Paso etc ! :cry:

It was the zoo that overlooked the canyon that spoilt it for me. The cola machine had been moved by the time I visited.

What are your favourite Corbucci films?

Well I haven’t seen Massacre at Grand Canyon (Wich is not 100% Corbucci anyway), nor his last revolution western but as far as the other goes I really like them all.

I do like Minesotta Clay, this a very straight western like The Great SILENCE it shows he could do them with less humour. But they lose the “Corbbuciness” when they are less funny.

Besides the obvious with any Sergio Leone film I would recommend three titles that I always liked:
The Hellbenders
Death Rides A Horse
Cemetery Without Crosses

Totally agree with you there they are great! Death Rides a Horse in particular. The Hellbenders fits into an American Western on European soil bracket, like Valdez is Coming (with Burt Lancaster).

Actually you will find here for nearly every Spag at least one who does, and often with some fervor.

Well here’s a shout out to fans of RED SUN!

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Just check the film’s thread.

I btw don’t think it is a Spag, for me Red Sun was always an Euro-western for style and crew.