IFC special?

Recieved my Dishnet TV-Guide for September and it says the Independent Film Channel has an hour long special devoted to SWs.
Along with the airings of GBU,FAFDM,Big Gundown, and Drumroll Great Silence, the special will appear every saturday night of the month to be followed by one of those movies. Anybody have any info on who put this special together?

if you have the dates n stuff, can you send them to me or post them into the TV guide on the front page please?

Damn !!! we dont get Indie channel here :frowning:

Here’s how it looks:

Sept. 10th:
10pm (Eastern time) - "Spaghetti West"
11pm - Good,Bad,Ugly

Sept. 17th:
10pm - For a Few Dollars more
12:30 - “Spaghetti West”

Sept. 24th:
10pm - "Spaghetti West"
11pm - Big Gundown
12:30 am - The Great Silence

Alright, just saw a promo for it on the channel. I’m hyped!

Can’t wait for this. Iv’e seen the other, but the documentary should be interesting and I can’t wait to finally see The Big Gundown.

Are they showing the shorter American cut? If so, it completely spoils the final showdown(s). The “three bullets” scene is sadly also completely missing.

If you want the real deal, buy Franco Cleef’s.

Franco’s email - kingriek@shaw.ca. He’s a really helpful guy.

…or the Sollima Box :slight_smile:

I don’t get it, we got Run Man Run (Which I loved) in America, but why haven’t we gotten The Big Gundown? It doesn’t make sense.

dvd production never makes sense

I just saw it and it was pretty good. Interviews with many actors and directors. Plus little facts I didn’t know like how Yojimbo was based on an American Novel… interesting.

I never really thought about the term “Spaghetti Western”…

For those overseas who are interested in seeing it, it’ll show up on DVD in the near feature as other IFC documentaries do.

I was surprised they gave away the Great Silence ending in it!

If anyone has that documentary on tape or DVDr I would love to get a copy. Anyone interested in a minor trade ??

I have it recorded and i’ll upload it onto my computer. I’ll host it for everyone!

Damn. So I’m pissed again with my 56k modem. FUCK!

I’m sorry Lode. Does anyone know a good place to upload the video?

if it’s not TOOO big, you can upload it here, as long as it is not copyrighted, but I am afraid it is :_( so that won’t work

Say if i were to upload it on RapidShare and post a link here. Would that be ok?

I guess yeah, if the rapidshare guys will allow it :slight_smile: