IFC special?


Thats the first half of it. I’ll upload it later.

Ok for some reason the link is not working. I’ll try to fix it later.

How many MB/GB at all?


Why isn’t it available at present?

Ok, the first half is up. Check it out http://files.filefront.com/VTS_01_1avi/;4480182;;/fileinfo.html

Oh Yeah! Thank you very much. This is interesting stuff.

Ok, good news. I got the last half up. http://files.filefront.com/VTS_01_2avi/;4483828;;/fileinfo.html
Hope everyone downloads it.

how long will it be online on filefront? maybe i can talk to some friends to download it…

what video codec does it use?

I had luck. A friend of mine downloaded it and gave it to me. I’ve looked it a few minutes ago. Really nice. I love the little details you get to know. Thanks SONOFSVEN.

@Sebastian WinDVD “said” that it is DivX…

yeah with divx it works. great stuff.

can’t wait for part 2

There will be more than one parts? That would be great…

i thought this video is the second part of the documentary.

Is there anything missing at the beginning? Because it starts with this nice TV recording screen :wink:

Yes, i missed the first 2 min. Sorry. The second part is already up!

Finally saw the IFC special “Spaghetti West” on Christmas Day. Great show. Interesting interviews and some nice footage from various films. If you get a chance to see it, do so!

Good little documentary. December 05, got you beat Silence!