If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death / Se incontri Sartana, prega per la tua morte (Gianfranco Parolini, 1968)

(TetsuPhoenix) #121

Is this movie available in any other form that is not that horrible vhs pan & scan i’ve seen everywhere? That’s the only thing that really gets in my way to fully enjoy this movie, which mind you, i like a lot. Again, the Garko Sartana films deserve proper DVD and BR releases with good image and audio quality. Hopefully some day.

(Stanton) #122

The Wild East disc is in 1,78:1 (but you have to adjust it on your player cause the widescreen coding is wrong), which probably is the correct aspect ratio. Picture quality is good enough.

(sartana1968) #123

deserve a blue ray re-release like django

(Extranjero) #124

The Wild East version being out of print, I found that the “Gunslinger Western Collection” DVD from Allegro has got the film in its correct widescreen ratio, though probably from a VHS source.

I first saw this film years ago as an umpteenth-generation VHS copy, but was later able to watch the perfect print that ITV in the UK used to show at the dead of night!

(ENNIOO) #125

Those days were good. Viewed alot of the more less well known ones via those screenings.

(sartana1968) #126

i made two more copies from this dvd so now it can’t be lost
the dvd from wild east was soooo rare!

(Jude) #127

Just watched this couple days ago, after And God Said to Cain this movie seemed to be more humorous and there’s definitely more comedy here. I liked especially the shooting scenes because they were fun in a good way. The Sartana character is definitely cool and Garko plays his part quite nicely, even though there were some other characters that were too over the top. In this movie there should have been way more music used, the main theme song is great and i wonder why Parolini didn’t use it more? Especially in the end there were scenes that needed some soundtrack music.

It’s funny how actor’s performance can change in different films. If you compare Klaus Kinski’s performance in “And God Said to Cain” and this movie, there’s huge difference. I liked Kinski’s performance in “Cain” but here you can barely even recognize that he’s on the movie! His part was way too small if you ask me. Also Parolini could have used the great landscapes more, directors like Corbucci and Leone could have made a 4 star movie out of this but with Parolini this is only a 3 star movie for me, so 3 stars out of 5 from me.

(sartana1968) #128

here is the oficial page of gianni garko on facebook

(Berger King) #129

There is no DVD release this year that has me as excited as the Sartana Box set in a few weeks, I sure hope it’s not delayed!

(sartana1968) #130

how do you know tha the sartana box will be good, wait untill the re-release maybe put the old vhs transfers on dvd!! wait :wink:
wild east made good re-releases and bad re-releases transfers

(the_ugly) #131

3 stars for me. Like some aspects, but overall dull storyline and some parts I just didn’t understand. Particularly at the end when they are waiting for the gold to run out and then they both just stand there and don’t shoot. And the villain starts laughing (eh?), then they start shooting. Also the part where Sartana is in the room with the saloon girl and the men come in through the windows, he has rigged some sort of booby traps but it all happens so fast I couldn’t make out exactly what went on, except it involved a chair and a noose. Maybe it is because I watched the crappy Video Asia version, its pretty dark during the dark scenes ;D. Is Sartana a ghost? Probably as he is shot several times during the film and doesn’t die. He isn’t even injured !

Despite some of the interesting elements overall quite pedestrian and I feel more could have been made of the Sartana character. I will have to watch some of the sequels to see if these are better.

(Bill san Antonio) #132

I like sequels more than this one.

(JonathanCorbett) #133

You have missed something… :wink:

(the_ugly) #134

I did miss 5 minutes where the disc froze and I skipped to the next chapter,so maybe. Care to enlighten me? :smiley:

(JonathanCorbett) #135

The guns should be unloaded, but Lasky is untrustworthy… :wink:

(Reza) #136

Hey guys, this sartana is laughing a lot…lol

(Menschenjaeger) #137

Finally saw this one - loved it. I rather liked the way they oh-so-subtly implied this guy could be the devil himself, and then at the end, he’s seemingly unkillable with unlimited ammo…until we get a perfectly rational explanation. But then the evil chuckle as he shows how he pulled it all off…maybe he IS.

On repeat viewings, I’m blown away by the amount of thought they put into this one during production. They telegraphed Sartana’s magic cylinder nicely, with the opining and the “Hey - I coulda been the fifth!” line from Lasky. Nice and subtle. But the line about “A prize like this could be worth aiming for again, if you fix your mind on it” while Sartana was handling the plaque - freakin’ brilliant. And Lasky’s good-luck charm that he fondles when Sartana’s around just suddenly appears…except it doesn’t. I didn’t notice Al’s wife wearing it in her first scene.

Question - what was the original aspect ratio for this film? 1.66 to 1? The version I saw didn’t seem to have any pan/scan going on.

(JonathanCorbett) #138

The last twenty minutes are really good, in my opinion the best part of the movie.

A few interesting things

  • There’s a clear reference to One Thousand Dollars On the Black - in which the name was used for the first time - when after “killing” Sartana Lasky makes General Sartana’s characteristic gesture.

  • In all probability the “camera making double Rittbergers” (Scherpschutter in Database review) in I am Sartana, your Angel of Death come from the last scene with Gianni Rizzo in this one.

  • The only two people present in all four Sartana movies are Garko and Franco Pesce.

  • When in October '68 the original VM18 rating was changed in VM14 the scene in which Lasky is beaten was shortened.

  • Sartana always wears a red necktie, in If You Meet… with a tie stick pin just like Samuel L. Jackson in The Hateful Eight, while in the unofficial Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin George Hilton wears a more conventional black string tie.

(JonathanCorbett) #139

I forgot there’s also Fulvio Pellegrino as background actor. Neither Pesce nor Pellegrino appear in Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin with George Hilton.

(Phil H) #140

Having just re-watched this one as part of this year’s Spagvemberfest I thought I’d check back and see what I had said about the film previously to find that despite repeat viewings over the years it seems I haven’t made any comments on its thread here. A pity because I always like to compare what I have thought before against my most recent reactions. Never mind, I think I can remember well enough.

In short, I have always liked the Sartana films but place them firmly in my “second tier” of spaghettis; films which I like but which don’t really fit in to my pantheon of greats. I also seem to recall thinking that despite being the first of the series this one was never my favourite and I think I feel the same way. Somehow the excesses of Carnimeo seemed to fit the series better. What I would also say, in regards to what struck me most this time around, is that you really notice the lack of a strong musical score here. The theme tune is ok but hardly powerful and there a ton of scenes that you feel would be so much better with a great theme going on behind them.

What you can never take away from this film though is its banging cast. Garko, Berger, Sancho and Kinski. Even if this is far from any of their best work you can’t go far wrong with a line up like that.