If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death / Se incontri Sartana, prega per la tua morte (Gianfranco Parolini, 1968)

(scherpschutter) #141

Odd movie. It doesn’t really get better with multiple viewings and funny enough it’s one of those movies a fan of the genre returns to once in a while, just to know what the whole thing is about; The first time I watched it, I had a very good time with it, because so much things were happening: shootouts, double shootouts, triple double-crosses, stones for gold and gold for corpses, you name it. I thought had missed a clue or something, a plot element that I had overlooked, but after a couple of viewings I’m still not sure were th locate heads or tails. And these ugly locations also start working on my nerves a little.

Remains the best of the series, but no, not in that pantheon

(Asa) #142

Each to their own of course but I like it more and more with each viewing. It’s unquestionably “Serie B” but I prefer it to many movies I’d concede were in a different league in terms of their production: The Mercenary, Face to Face, Django, Companeros, The Great Silence, A Bullet For the General, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Return of Ringo


Anyone know anything about this? And why El Puro is on the cover? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/IF-YOU-MEET-SARTANA-PRAY-FOR-YOUR-DEATH-SPAGHETTI-WESTERN-DVD-/152548618458?hash=item23849b30da%3Ag%3AFDIAAOSwfpVZGLVK&_trkparms=pageci%3Ac61dfa7c-3bf1-11e7-975a-74dbd1a037b3%7Cparentrq%3A1caa0ccc15c0abc00736f95bfffd293c%7Ciid%3A1

(Søren) #144

It’s the ancient release from Global Video. Terrible quality but the times were different then :slight_smile:


Assumption confirmed!

(The Man With a Name) #146

My DVD-R is good quality. Pity there’s no high quality release in English.


The version on rarelust is the only English version I’ve seen which looks and sounds remotely good. I think it’s the Wild East print.

(The Man With a Name) #148

My DVD-R is probably the same print. I’ll have to check my Wild East disc out but I seem to remember the aspect ratio being messed up.

(Stanton) #149

Yes, just like on the screenshots above, the WE DVD is stretched, and must be adjusted on your TV or your player. Which should be no problem.

(Mark) #150

I have that rarelust version but not the WE release. The rarelust PQ beats the various cheap box sets that most here are familiar with, I have at least three. Not ideal but better. Same with audio. Running time favorable too.

(The Man With a Name) #151

How is the German disc? Does anybody have screen shots?

(Gritz) #152

Wait so Alive is releasing this on blu-ray on November 24th? OAR, UNCUT and English Audio Option hopefully!


If you meet this blu-ray, pray for the English dub.

(Nick) #154

Correctly me if I’m wrong, but I remember reading that the old German dvd starts off like the Italian release, with opening titles, then cutting to the old man and woman getting shot by Klaus, and Sartana shooting everybody else and then going straight to the stage coach scene, with the original main titles completely removed. If that’s the case I’m a little worried that the German release will be quite different from the Wild East release we’ve all come to love. Though Seb wrote that the release information that it’s uncut, so there might be a bit of hope.

(Stanton) #155

That was a heavily cut East German version, and I’m sure that will not be released again.

Well, you know these commies, not much worked there …

(Nick) #156

I guess main titles were not appropriate for East German Comrades.

(morgan) #157

The man upstairs didn’t listen. No English subs and no English dub (except for two or three lines).

Still a pleasure to watch this film in such great picture quality, and also nice to watch it with an Italian audio.

But why is it that this film is haunted with cover art that has nothing to do with the film (I’m talking about the inside cover, not the outside)?


The poster of Sartana walking towards the camera wearing a completely different outfit? Apparently the artist ripped that off from a book or something, and did it before they knew anything about the movie.


How original :+1: I wonder who directed that movie.

(Nick) #160

Quientin “It’s just a homage” Tarantino