If You Had to Choose One Scene to Explain SW’s Appeal, What Would It Be?

Maybe the end of Forgotten Pistolero as well, just a stunning ending.

The begining of “A Fistful of Dollars” where Clint rides into town and gets some water. In other hands in would be boring and pointless, but Eastwood has a presance that makes you keep your eyes on him. Also, the lone gunfighter riding into town is what all Spagetti Westerns are about, isn’t it?

Henry fonda after the massacre, you see his eyes. Then the questions, what with him frank. Well now that you mentioned my name. Its the villains that seperates the spaghettis from the american ones.
Of course the heroes arent as clean cut either, but this scene is what it makes for me. Grim, ruthless and well shot.

But there are different scenes for the different aspects. Yodlaf riding against the military in the end of companeros, shows the political influence of the genre for example.
And of course duels are on essential ingredient of a great spag for me.
So the explosion just for the effect of it in FOD is also a great scene followed by the duel. Classic

I thought about this scene as well. It contains many SW features like the suspense, music, camerawork and many more.

Well of course the scene from Fidani’s Savage Guns where Robert Woods kills 3 guys because there were making fun of his ridiculous phobia :wink:

The opening scene in Blindman will get your attention.

For me it would be the scene in FAFDM where Clint is with Indio’s band outside of Agua Caliente. The scene opens with Indio saying "Well here we are, that’s Aqua Caliente, Yes, I have many friends there…but they don’t like anybody, do they? His gang chimes in with no’s. Then he berates Clint a bit, “you know Amigo, we have never seen you shoot, but I have a way you can show the men” Clint replies: “How’s that?” Indio responds “Go into town alone amigo”…Clint rides off into town, with that amazing Morricone music in the background…the old ladies gathering their children and shuttering their windows as Clint rides through the center…Clint eventually confronts 3 hombres, and I’m sure most of you know it takes an interesting turn from there…

The first scene LVC has in a spaghetti western where he reveals himself behind the Bible… classic.

Also the scene in FaFDM where Clint’s character is about the get ambushed by Red’s gang and he mows all three down in the doorway - simply awesome.

This is also a good examle for shooting in SWs.

Many good examples here, but I would have to place my number one pick as the final duel in GBU. It is pretty definitive IMHO.

it’s not a sw but the seen in high plains drifter where the town recalls the public whipping of the sharrif by outlaws always had an impact on me

I agree with many of the choices here…

Though for me, the scene where Tuco has an argument with his brother in the mission cellar full of Catholic antique relics. It is very SW. The whole Catholic feel. And of course, with great music.

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The duel scene in the saloon from ‘Requiescant’ is also not bad

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[quote=“LankyFellow, post:33, topic:1938”]Welcome to the forum,Scott Mary,it’s one of my favorite characters,like many Gemmas

The duel scene in the saloon from ‘Requiescant’ is also not bad[/quote]thanx guys. its great to have this outlet to discuss sw’s

I would choose the opening scene through the credits of “Johnny Hamlet.”

First, you have the weird-- the dreaming Johnny in his filthy CSA uniform walking up to his be-caped father in the cave and the players and acrobats on the beach with the solitary horse standing so calmly, Steffania Careddu’s face in the mirror…

Then Johnny shoots the two unseen bandits-- the sudden violence.

He rides through that definitely interesting Spanish landscape (“mushroom formations”) to Francesco DeMasi’s fine theme-- the land and music.

He pauses at the crucified outlaw-- the religious symbol.

Guild ties a strap around his dirty ripped-open boot-- the gritty.

About 6-7 minutes in all.

This sums it up for me quite well.

The final scene of “Navajo Joe” maybe?

hmm… will have to maybe think about this, but there are so many different kinds of SWs that I appreciate, and many of them containing elements that are not present in different styles of SWs- so hard to pick one scene that represents it all…

But a simple scene that’s been a favorite since my early days of viewing SWs- the scene towards the beginning of Django, when he first meets the General in the saloon and has a little showdown with his men, all while remaining seated

And I quite like the ending of Seven Dollars on the Red

The sewing machine gun in “Testa t’ammazzo, croce… sei morto… Mi chiamano Alleluja” too.

I’d pick a terrible example of the genre, let’s say Finders Killers. I’d let that other person sit through that crap until it’s time for the Gordon Mitchell show where he shoots three guys in saloon in less than a minute. That to me sums up the genre. A great scene in a 99% crap movie. If the other person is able to stomach shit like that, he’ll probably cum at the sight of a Corbucci.
And that, to me, is also the appeal of the genre. You know there will be at least one great scene in any spaghetti western.