Identify this actor?


Also the bartender who warns LVC in FAFDM about the dangers of messing with Kinski - plus he’s a confederate sergeant in the extended GBU.

He was on the unknown list for sometime, but is now credited as Joseph Bradley … where that info came from, who knows ? IMDB doesn’t list his appearance in ‘My Name is Nobody’ for some reason.

I also spotted him playing cards in the El Paso saloon, in ‘A Taste for Killing’ (1966)


Great research, Aldo. Anyone spot him in For a Few Dollars More? His IMDB:


Just to clarify … this is not the guy I was originally inquiring about. Joseph Bradley, as mentioned in IMDB in FAFDM

(Piripero) #24

Wow - thanks for that Aldo. I didn’t clock him in either FFDM or GBU. Kinda shocking he didn’t get credited for his great little turn in MNIN.

I’ll continue to look out for your man…


Cheers … here’s Joseph in GBU - Tuco and Blondie are stopped at a confederate checkpoint … the old sergeant gives Tuco directions to the Mission San Antonio

PS: There’s also a John Lennon lookalike in the top right part of the frame :grinning:


The bartender shot of that archetypal old guy makes him look a bit younger and a little stronger than the GBU lantern shot and his subsequent roles.

…and the long-necked blond guy retains his anonymity. :+1:


He seems to have aged a lot in just one year!

I think he could be standing on a box in the bar scene (Alan Ladd style) cause he does look tiny at the gambling table in the previous screen shot.

(Piripero) #28

Apologies for derailing (again) but following your ‘Joseph Bradley’ lead l’m now wondering if this name didn’t come from an internet hoaxer/joker who pretended he’d read a Radio Times interview from the gentleman’s sister.;article=171123;

Ironically, his point was to show how easily the internet can generate ‘fake facts’.

The same link references Tonino Valerii’s audio-commentary on the StudioCanal disc of MNIN as a source of information about the performer, but sadly I no longer have that disc.


Thanks for that info - it seems highly unlikely that the Radio Times would feature an article about a bit part player back in 1982 … though that’s probably the year when ‘My Name is Nobody’ was screened, on BBC 2, if I remember correctly?

It seems way too specific an area of interest for anyone outside the SW fan community to give a damn.

I remember from my time on Facebook, that the question of the man’s identity was still being asked by Tom Betts … that could be 5 years or more. The question was asked of Antonio Ruiz, who played ‘Fernando’, the El Paso street urchin in FAFDM. But considering that Antonio was 14 at the time, didn’t speak any English, and was surrounded by many other actors and crew of various nationalities … why would he remember this old dude? … I can’t remember names of people I went to school with, and I was in contact with them daily and for years. :worried:

I really don’t get why people concoct these so called hoax stories - it’s a rather pathetic pastime. Perhaps if they had to give proof of their own identity, to be published alongside what they present as fact, they would be a lot more reluctant to waste people’s time.

The Wikipedia page for George Hilton was full of spurious nonsense (I see it’s now been amended ) claiming that he was educated in England, and had such a strong English accent, that he had to be dubbed by other actors … total bullshit!

I met George in Almeria 2013, and asked about this …. to begin, he apologised for his poor English, which wasn’t so poor - but he in no way sounded English. He didn’t know who was responsible for the wiki page, but suggested that the information was contrived because he had made some movie in England, where he was no doubt dubbed by a native speaker.

Anyway … to anyone reading this, who thinks online hoaxing is clever or entertaining, I’d say, it’s time to move out of your parents house, and even maybe find a girlfriend … or even just some friends !? :crazy_face:

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And cheers to Thomas Weisser, master of creative fact-finding, godfather of all Spaghetti Western Munchausens!

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Is Joseph Egger or Joseph Bradley the same guy as Antonio Palombi?

Or are they 2 or 3 different oldtimers. I get a bit confused.


Interesting stuff.


Joseph Egger IS the coffin maker in ‘Fistful of Dollars’ and the prophet in ‘For a Few Dollars More’

Joseph Bradley / Antonio Palombi (where did that come from?) are the same, but check out the IMDB listing he’s credited as production secretary and wardrobe assistant … that’s sounding even more far fetched.



Creative fact-finding! LOL … that’s a most generous way of calling him a fucking liar :rofl:

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While looking through my pics for Joe l’implacabile I came across the back of a head that looked familiar :slight_smile: So I broke out the fandub of this and sure enough…

@aldo, would you consider putting a list in your first post so we don’t have to scroll thru the topic to find if a certain role has been mentioned? You never know, someone might find a credit one day :tada:


Good idea, I will - thanks for taking an interest and posting this latest discovery.

He does seem to like hanging out at the Carlo Simi Saloon, near Tabernas … so I will see what other movies feature that location. Cheers :wink:

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Just watched Dynamite Joe on Movies4men the other night and spotted the Lanky Fellow above sitting in the saloon after Joe arrives in Mineral City, while a fight is going on around him - but I see Carlos spotted him before me.


Thanks … keep your eyes peeled! I’m sure he’s in more than those identified so far :+1:

(Piripero) #39

I’ll keep looking too but hope it’s to no avail. Lanky Fellow (and ‘Joseph Bradley’) should remain the genre’s true ‘men with no name’.

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There are three choices for the old actor. Originally credited as Antonio Palombi, then came the Joseph Bradley credit which arose from Lee Van Cleef saying he made friends with the bartender actor in For a Few Dollars More who he said was a retired British railroad employee living in Almeria. Then a German advertisement arose stating Ulric Muller played Dirty Joe the billiard hall owner in My Name is Nobody. The credit is still open for debate. I guess Terence Hill might be able to tell us, if he knows, who played Dirty Joe in My Name is Nobody.