I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

Where did you pre order it from?

Just off of Amazon via the swdb links. I think it was Amazon De.

Edit: yes it was Amazon De.


I will do another round of checking if and when these may be listed on more Amazons, tomorrow.

@supertwix_64 Have you been able to pre-order it yourself yet??

seems like these three arent listed on amazon UK yet

It comes to nearly 30-ish quid so I’m gonna wait for the price to drop a wee bit before ordering


I’ll keep checking…probably every day :rofl:

Me too. All the rest of them came down to around 20 in the end. I’m not in a real hurry for this one.

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Bought some more Spencer/Hill standalone discs to complete my collection… I refer you to my extensive blogpost to research which these may be :slight_smile:

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