I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(veda) #21

Bought 2 discs from ebay.

Il Mercenario (Japan) 13$.
Cemetery without crosses (Japan) 14$.

Gotta warn you about this seller Monkeylargo. He sells some other spaghetti westerns as well. Items are described as R0 NTSC DVDs but they’re actually illegally produced copies (DVD-R). Haven’t watched these yet.

Covers are copied with lousy printer, the colurs are a bit faded and the print is not too sharp either.

(Cian) #22

Picked up a copy of Viva Django in Hamburg for €7 new! Great quality transfer, but a terribly designed start-up menu; it shows the final showdown. Talk about a spoiler! Sorry, no scans but the company is EMS and I highly recommend this DVD. English and German audio. Very interesting to see the amount of DVD’s with Django in the title under “D” in the western section. They outnumbered all the John Waynes in “W”.

(Lode) #23

Ah, you mean “Preparati la bara”, don’t you? I thought about buying it too. Only 8 Euro in MM here. But I bought “Today we kill, tomorrow we die” for 4 Euro.

(Cian) #24

That’s the one.

(Sebastian) #25

it’s worth the money. very well restored, uncut and also has the english audio option, which is even less “funny” than the german one although it’s the “serious” german dub.

(Lode) #26

Then I’ll have to visit the Media Markt again…

(Musket) #27

A few days ago my the great silence dvd arrived and the weak before the sollima box as a birthday present …

(Dorado) #28

I just received The hills run red, Cemetery without crosses and No room to die. All great movies.

(Lode) #29

I bought Blindman German Koch DVD last week. Great release…

(Lode) #30

Today “Preparati la bara” german ems DVD.

(kevin) #31

german wooden boxet of fistful of dollars/few dollars more.

well worth the price.

i’m considering purchasing the once upon a itme in the west wooden boxset. it would look lovely, displayed next to the ‘dollars’ boxset.

(Sebastian) #32

yeah, I’ve held it in my hands once… sure makes up for the price once you have it in your shelf. a beauty ;_)

(Lode) #33

“And God said to Cain!” - German EMS release… Well, I didn’t bought it but got it from my parents :wink:

(Yodlaf) #34

I just got my mitts on:

Campa Carogna… La Taglia Cresce (Those Dirty Dogs aka Charge!) - SPO Japan
La Resa Dei Conti (The Big Gundown) - Franco Cleef
Là dove non batte il sole (The Stranger and the Gunfighter aka Blood Money) - Seven Sept France
Giu La Testa (Duck you Sucker! aka Fistful of Dynamite) - MGM Swedish SE

(Cian) #35

4 great films. Enjoy.

(Bill san Antonio) #36

Just got Take a Hard Ride dvd, gonna watch it tonight. I don’t have high expectations for it though, I hope I’m wrong…

(Yocke) #37

How was it? I’m thinking about buying it since I’m such a huge Lee Van Cleef fan (who isn’t?). I even liked The Stranger and the Gunfighter, which everyone seems to hate.

(Silvanito) #38

I like The Stranger and the Gunfighter :slight_smile:

Take a Hard Ride is not as good, in my opinion at least.

(Lode) #39

I got the German “Spara, Gringo Spara” Koch release as a present. But I am too busy watching it this week. After my oral examination on monday I sure will watch it…

(Sebastian) #40

nice movie. but nothing that special :wink: