I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

If I were to translate English verbatim, it would make that language sound stupid as well.

Of course it would. Especially if it was American English, ha ha.
The trick to translation is to capture the meaning of the words, not the words themselves. The problem with European language structure is that they often put a word at the front when you would put it at the end. So if it’s a name or a word similar to English - Pistol/ Pistola, you’ve heard it in their language two seconds before you read it in yours. But if you subtitle it with your word at the same position as theirs, the sentence can feel clunky.
In The Specialists, the English Subtitles have a very different rhythm and tone to the spoken English. Which is why when the audio skips from one language to the other it becomes nonsensical.
My general annoyance with poor subtitles (and I’m not saying the Specialists subtitles are bad) is that if you get an Italian speaker to translate Italian into English, you get a worse job than if you get an English speaker to translate from Italian into English (And vice versa). The reason being that an English translator will understand the Italian and put it into good English. An Italian translator would not be as familiar with English nuances, and fail to capture the way we say things. But he’d be very good at translating English into the Italian that Italians speak.


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Yes that’s it, thank you.
I have a Sony BluRay player with 5:1 audio.
To check your audio and subtitles, you have to go through a list on the pop-up menu.
So I chose PLAY FILM Partial English dub. It started, and I chose the pop-up menu to see what subtitles I’d got. It just said English. I thought it should say English partial or English 1, but it just said English. So I pressed to move to the next one and it said OFF, so I pressed again and it said English. I assumed that this was the same English I started with, but it wasn’t. If I had pressed again, I would have realised, but I didn’t.
So thanks for clearing it up. I’m glad I discussed this now.