I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)

(Søren) #2922

Including One Damned Day at Dawn… Django Meets Sartana and Django and Sartana are Coming… It’s the End.

(Stanton) #2923

Yeahhh, and all released in fullscreen LD VHS quality …

(Jonny Powers) #2924


(Søren) #2925

Ah forgot the all time classic Sartana in the Valley of Death.

(Søren) #2926

Yeah. The “Complete” Sartana Collection just turned up here aswell :slight_smile:


We all know the set would have to include Day of Anger for it to be complete :wink:


LOL … that’s right, Scott Mary’s mule ! :rofl:

(Bill san Antonio) #2929

If You Ordered Sartana Prepare to Wait Damned Day After Another

Still not even a shipping confirmation…

(Søren) #2930

Where did you order it from? Amazon?

(Bill san Antonio) #2931


(Sebastian) #2932

Mine just arrived with FedEx (ordered directly from Arrow). Yay!!! Screw soccer, it’s movie night!

(Søren) #2933

With FedEx? Did you pay extra for that? My Arrow orders are always sent some cheap-ass way and takes at least 9 days in transit.

(Sebastian) #2934

yes, you gotta pay extra for it (else u dont get a tracking ID)…

(Asa) #2935

Just as well, eh? :grinning:

(Sebastian) #2936

Here’s a separate topic for the box:


Enjoyed Mike Siegel’s If You Meet Sartana commentary. Pleasant to listen to and a good sense of humour.

(chuck connors brother) #2938

Have the Sartana box arriving on July 13th… and also the 2 Koch blu-rays dispatched

(Andy) #2939

Well, the ebay seller I always buy from finally listed The Great Silence blu-ray in stock at a good price so I bought my copy. They have the Sartana box set for sale also. It’s “importcds-ca” if anyone else is interested. They are in the states but sell with Canadian currency.


The Mercenary 88 Films Blu Ray … price had dropped on this one from £14.99 to £8.99, which was further reduced with HMV’s 3 BDs for £20 offer - I also bought Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, plus A Bridge Too Far

The picture quality and colour are excellent, and looks much better than some screen shots I’ve seen. Nice sharp clear picture .

One complaint - The extra feature, ‘Mercenary Musings’ by Eric Zaldivar, is a sloppy YouTube style home video with a few background details on the history of the film, and sorry, but a lot of dicking around by the presenter for his own amusement. Trust me, no one else is laughing at this asinine presentation.
Zaldivar makes a comment about the supposed UFO sighting that was filmed during the making of ‘The Mercenary’, and later does an embarassing “Comedy” piece with two friends dressed up as Aliens … ! WTF, are we supposed to be talking about a 1968 film by Sergio Corbucci, or watching a comedy demo reel for Eric Zaldivar productions?


That’s why I usually avoid 88’s shit. Total joke of a company :joy: There are exceptions though. Some of their Slasher releases are good.