I Just Bought … (the SW Shopping Diary)


Mine just arrived with FedEx (ordered directly from Arrow). Yay!!! Screw soccer, it’s movie night!

With FedEx? Did you pay extra for that? My Arrow orders are always sent some cheap-ass way and takes at least 9 days in transit.

yes, you gotta pay extra for it (else u dont get a tracking ID)…

Just as well, eh? :grinning:

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Here’s a separate topic for the box:

Enjoyed Mike Siegel’s If You Meet Sartana commentary. Pleasant to listen to and a good sense of humour.

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Have the Sartana box arriving on July 13th… and also the 2 Koch blu-rays dispatched


Well, the ebay seller I always buy from finally listed The Great Silence blu-ray in stock at a good price so I bought my copy. They have the Sartana box set for sale also. It’s “importcds-ca” if anyone else is interested. They are in the states but sell with Canadian currency.

The Mercenary 88 Films Blu Ray … price had dropped on this one from £14.99 to £8.99, which was further reduced with HMV’s 3 BDs for £20 offer - I also bought Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, plus A Bridge Too Far

The picture quality and colour are excellent, and looks much better than some screen shots I’ve seen. Nice sharp clear picture .

One complaint - The extra feature, ‘Mercenary Musings’ by Eric Zaldivar, is a sloppy YouTube style home video with a few background details on the history of the film, and sorry, but a lot of dicking around by the presenter for his own amusement. Trust me, no one else is laughing at this asinine presentation.
Zaldivar makes a comment about the supposed UFO sighting that was filmed during the making of ‘The Mercenary’, and later does an embarassing “Comedy” piece with two friends dressed up as Aliens … ! WTF, are we supposed to be talking about a 1968 film by Sergio Corbucci, or watching a comedy demo reel for Eric Zaldivar productions?

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That’s why I usually avoid 88’s shit. Total joke of a company :joy: There are exceptions though. Some of their Slasher releases are good.

Don’t know anything about them … do they have a bad reputation regarding other releases ?
The only other I have is their Navajo Joe release, which also features the hilarious antics of Eric Zaldivar on the bonus features. This time dressed in a hairy chest nude suit, as a clever tribute to Burt Reynolds’ famous centrefold which was actually a self deprecating sendup, so no need to make a joke about a joke, eh Eric ?

Well, as a collector I appreciate what they do. But 9 times out of 10, another label has already released the same title and done a much better job.

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Hmmm. 9 times out of 10 ? I don’t think that’s true. 88 Films release a lot of what e.g. Code Red has already released but the releases are mostly just as good. They have a bad reputation especially in UK it seems ironically but I must say that I enjoy their releases. Mostly we are talking about identical transfers and the extras well they always comes second for me.

They do good and not all they have released have been topped or even released by other companies. That’s not to say that better releases sometimes comes out subsequently but that’s the curse of double dipping taking effect and that afflicts every company.

It’s a shame they’re UK based, otherwise they wouldn’t have to release so many cut titles. Same with Shameless Entertainment. Slaves to the BBFC :neutral_face:

As I think you mentioned before, Dean … on ‘Navajo Joe’ the horse tripping is cut on the feature, but not in trailer !!! Can’t some of the companies just stand up to and challenge these ridiculous rules - There’s much nastier stuff out there which sneaks past, in the name of ‘ART’ … and as films on DVD and BD can now be easily sourced from all parts of the world, doesn’t that make the BBFC’s role redundant. It’s fucking, ‘Mary Whitehouse Syndrome’ … for readers outside the UK, the afore mentioned Whitehouse was an ancient old biddy, who became famous for protesting and campaigning over just about everything she deemed unwholesome in TV, Cinema, Theatre, Literature.
Mary (my opinion is more important than anyone else’s) Whitehouse … a real throwback to the Victorian era, with as huge an ego and appetite for appearing on TV as any contemporary reality TV star.

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What I find more offensive than any animal cruelty, is people pretending it never happened by cutting it and trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

As the late David Hess said, censorship stops people from being prepared for what’s actually out there in the real world.

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Sprache: Italienisch (PCM2 .0), Deutsch (PCM2 .0)
Untertitel: Deutsch
Region: Region B/2
Erscheinungstermin: 23. August 2018

No English? :frowning:

not according to Koch website, dont have the disc yet so I cannot confirm