I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

I ordered a pile of stuff on Amazon, I always fall for those 4 for 22 type deals but oh well… the addiction gots to be nourished

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A Gerry Anderson ‘Supermarionation’ gem this time…

Plus: Another Hans Zimmer soundtrack to further enhance my enjoyment of the ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’.




You are right there, Aldo…I’ve watched several episodes of ‘Dept. S’ now, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the intriguing plots, the 70’s music, the snazzy costumes, and Peter Wyngarde’s outrageous moustache!
One ‘time capsule’ from yesteryear, that I’m proud to add to my TV Nostalgia collection.



A great series and even better theme tune.

I’ve recently finished watching the spin off series from this, Jason King. If anything I enjoyed it even more. Wyngarde was fantastic in it

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I traded a few unwanted BDs and DVD’s today, and got these two beauties in exchange…


Very nice looking releases of a couple of classics! :+1:

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In the last week: Sisu on 4K and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 on Blu.

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‘Sisu’ is an excellent film! I loved it when I watched it on BD at Christmas.
Gory, bloody, and as Nazi as they come… :wink:

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Another one for my ‘Hammer Horror’ Collection of Blurays…


An eclectic bunch yesterday.


Great Ray Harryhausen stop-motion effects…and the delectable Raquel Welch.


One instance when I don’t mind historical inaccuracy !!!


Fabulous music and great locations too … a bit of a classic in my book.


When I met Ray Harryhausen at his home in London, in 2001 , I made a point of mentioning the superb score for this film, by Mario Nascimbene (‘The Vikings’). Ray said that it was one of the reasons that the film was so successful…

I then visited Lanzarote, in approx 2003, and visited a few of the locations where ‘One Million Years BC’ was filmed - including the ‘green’ pool where Raquel Welch is picked up by the creature.
Larva rock was plentiful, so I picked up some and have it on my shelf at home.


Wow … that’s impressive, and I’m sure a fantastic memory - He always came across as a very nice humble sort of guy … unlike many in showbiz circles :wink:

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Cheers, Aldo.

Meeting Ray was one of the things that I would have crossed off a bucket list - if I’d had one at the time. :wink:

Ray was a hero to me…I grew up on his special effects…‘Jason and the Argonauts’, 'First Men in the Moon’

He was/still is, a hero to me.

Ray Harryhausen was, without doubt, one of the most humble and sincere guys that I’ve ever met in my entire life.

It’s one of THE memories I treasure, because I met Ray at his London home on a Sunday morning, 2001, and then went to see Ennio Morricone at the Barbican in the afternoon!

Ray Harryhausen was as exemplary as being an ‘everyman’, as he was at his stop-motion animation.

He was one of the very few people that I would call a ‘gentleman’.

I can honestly say that Ray was one of the finest, generous, most amicable, people that I’ve ever met.
He was so down to earth, it was unbelievable…and this was the genius that was so enchanting.

When I met him, he introduced me to his wife, Diana, (who I later had a long phone conversation with), and sat me down for ‘coffee and cookies’.
Even if my own uncle had asked me to share, I couldn’t have felt more at ease.

What a beautiful man.
Diana, his wife, was a delight.

After my visit to Ray ,I phoned him on several occasions. He always had doubts as to what led to the success of ‘One Million Years BC’…his creations, or Raquel Welch!

Needless to say that Ray Harryhausen was the best…both as a genius in special effects, and as a gentleman.

I am going to end by saying that - having grown up on his films - I was blown away by meeting Ray.
I loved him and his work then, now…and I always will.

Ray Harryhausen…a beautiful man, a good man, who will never be forgotten.


This is why I love this forum. Occasionally someone will just casually drop that they’ve had dinner at a film legend’s house :joy:


Honestly, this was not like visiting a ‘legend’.

Ray…and his lovelly wife, Diana, made me so welcome.

It was like visiting a loved one… which I was.


Did you get to have a look around his house? I assume most of his amazing creations are in museums and exhibits but I’m curious as to whether he had some displayed around his home.

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