I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

They just got new stock of it at ofdb.de. Now 9 copies in stock so it’s not sold out yet. Just a heads up for people still needing this release:


That’s good for anyone still wanting to pick up a copy. Amazon Germany is definitely out of stock themselves and the prices via third party sellers are starting to get up to €40. Glad ofdb.de is selling at a fair price too.

New blu-ray:

^^ I watched this one last week end with my daughter and while I’m not a superhero movie fan… I found it to be pretty good, hopefully they’re going to make a sequel.

Yeah, it’s quite a caper; like Indiana Jones mashed up with SpongeBob SquarePants. :slightly_smiling_face: I thought when I first saw it that, if I was 6 years old instead of 46, it’d probably be my favourite movie ever. It’s very colourful, busy and ridiculous (in the good way). As it is, I think it’s pretty good without being a classic.

New blu-ray:


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New blu-rays ordered:







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New blu-ray:

Don’t really know what to expect from this one, but I heard good things about it.

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I think it’s excellent. Beautiful to look at, too.

Pre-ordered (out in August):

Italian goodies that turned up today:

Don’t Count On Us
Der feurige Pfeil der Rache
Der Clan der sieine Feinde lebendig einmauert

AC_UL436 AC_UL436 AC_UL436 AC_UL436


Nice haul, especially Confessions of a Police Captain :grinning: The Giuliano Gemma Robin Hood film is on my Amazon list too.

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Thanks amigo. Yes they tend to release a lot of Italian movies in Germany not getting a release elsewhere so try to keep up with them. Suddenly they’re gone :slight_smile: Look forward to be checkong out that Gemma-movie. I think I had a Danish ex-rental of it but never got around to watching it.

New blu-rays:

Had to get some of that Arrow “Buy One, Get One Free” action.


That’s from a physical store I gather?

Arrow is also having the same offer online but from June 17th.

Yes indeed. HMV and Fopp in the UK are both already running that promotion. :+1:

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here in Canada physical store for dvds and blu rays no longer exist… same goes for rental store.

the only way to watch movies is using NetFlix or buying movies from amazon and similar site.

also buying physical releases of music album in a store is a thing of the past… it’s all on the internet now.

oh well :neutral_face:

Lucky bastard :slight_smile:

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