I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(djvaso) #3003

Ebay.de (EUR 6.04)
From French SNC archive, intended for adding English subtitles ( fazzoletto is headscarf not handkerchief in this context) and low-quality Serbian audio.

(Andy) #3004

Just ordered this and when I get the money I’ll order the Arrow Re-Animator



(Asa) #3005

New blu-ray:

(Asa) #3006

New blu-rays:

(Andy) #3007

New blu-ray I ordered yesterday. On a side note, I just got my first pair of glasses so watching films is so much better now.



You bet! - Your own HD revolution :smiley:

I too wear specs for TV viewing, but only for movies, not news or current affairs programmes.

(Andy) #3009

Yep. Some of the first films I watched were the Dollars trilogy and this was the first time I noticed the little bits of dust or whatever it was on the film when watching For a Few Dollars More (German blu-ray).


Bought a copy of ‘Lonesome Dove’, today … the original series on DVD - but my heart sank when I saw it was from Mill Creek :unamused:

So I was delighted when I checked out the image quality, which is really nice, and probably better than the broadcast version of 30 years ago.

Well done, Mill Creek … or whoever they stole the master from :laughing:

(Asa) #3011

New blu-rays:

(Asa) #3012

New blu-ray:

(djvaso) #3013

New LaserDiscs:

  • 晩春 (Banshun) (Late Spring) (1949)
  • お茶漬の味 (Ochazuke no aji) (Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice) (1952)
  • 早春 (Soshun) (Early Spring) (1956)
  • お早よう (Ohayô) (Good Morning) (1959)
  • 秋刀魚の味 (Sanma no aji) (An Autumn Afternoon) (1962)

(Asa) #3014

New blu-rays:

Upgrade from DVD to blu-ray:

(MMcG) #3015

Haven’t seen these 2 movies in a few years so I bought them…



A very, very, very belated 32nd Birthday haul and two items I bought myself

Was lucky enough to get the German release of Confessions of a Police Captain before it sold out, well worth the price :grin:

(Søren) #3017

Is it really sold out or is Amazon just out of stock? Still apparently available from ofdb.de so tried scooping up a copy there :slight_smile:


About two or three days after I bought my copy, Amazon Germany listed third party sellers only and so far it’s not changed. Luckily the third party people aren’t asking outrageous prices as of yet. I checked the link the you included and it wasn’t coming up, but my not speaking or reading German doesn’t help either.

It might still be available at Amazon Italy for example, but that it was limited to 1000 copies you would think it would sell out fast.

(Søren) #3019

I beg to differ. It selling out so fast would be extremely suprising :slight_smile:

FilmArt released a similar movie in the same reign of films 5 yeas ago, Der Tag der Cobra also in an edition of 1000 copies and that can still be had.

Many non-German movie collectors cannot stand German titles in their collection I guess :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know if my order at ofdb goes through but I have a feeling it will.


“Many non-German movie collectors cannot stand German titles in their collection I guess :slight_smile:

I hear that. With German companies doing so many of the Italian Westerns, Giallos, and Police Films, and with multiple language choices, you would think more serious aficionados would want to see them regardless. I haven’t had too much trouble navigating German menu screens myself, but it seems like it depends on the person.

Hopefully Amazon De will get some back in stock.

(Søren) #3021

My getting a copy out of ofdb.de will be a good indicator that it will be back in stock with amazon ats some point also. That Eurocrime-box you got was actually also thought OOP for a some time not long after release date and then suddenly a new bunch arrived :slight_smile:


Ironically enough with that Eurocrime box set, Amazon Italy had it for some time in stock before Amazon Germany got it back. I was totally ready to purchase it then, but the price shot up ludicrously and was waiting forever for the price to drop some. Funny how things work out :grin: