I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Asa) #2823

New blu-rays:

(djvaso) #2824

Indiegogo.com (GBP 30.00)

(Søren) #2825

Ah a fellow campaign supporter :slight_smile: Nice.


Got a bit carried away…

And the best of all…


’Bicycle Thieves’ was lucky enough to find this BD/DVD combo in a charity shop for a ‘quid’ … I’d never seen the film before, but was really blown away - what a movie! Plus as a bonus, a small cameo by future Spaghetti Western God, Sergio Leone himself ! :wink:

You got a nice collection there … it’s good to get ‘carried away’ occasionally - Enjoy!


Yep I really enjoyed it, already want to watch it again. Such a simple premise executed wonderfully.

(Søren) #2829

Got a bunch of Italian goodies:

Violent Professionals
Fangs of the Living Dead


(morgan) #2830

(Asa) #2831

New blu-rays:

(djvaso) #2832

Zavvi.com (GBP 20.54)

Zavvi.com (GBP 8.63)

Base.com (GBP 5.43)

(Søren) #2833

Got a single new Italian addition recently:

Enigma rosso aka Red Rings of Fear


(Asa) #2834

New blu-ray set:

Never seen any of them.

(Søren) #2835

Just got new Arrow release of The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail


(Asa) #2836

New blu-ray set:

I already had Enter the Dragon on blu but I didn’t have any of the others on any format. Don’t concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory!

(The Man With a Name) #2837

I’m refusing to buy Enter the Dragon on Blu-ray until they release the original version.


‘Game of Death’ is hard work, really unwatchable in my book … Good luck! :rofl:


I’m so glad the BBFC cut the nunchucks out of Enter the Dragon back in the day! nunchucks are super offensive, but everything else in the film is fine…

(The Man With a Name) #2840

I actually love this one but my preferred cut is the Hong Kong theatrical version. It removes most of the pointless scenes from the beginning and feels more like an action movie. I’m hoping that this version is released on Blu-ray someday. The so-called “Hong Kong version” floating around is actually the Singapore version with an alternative ending and it’s missing the Ji Han Jae fight. I have the Hong Kong version on VHS but the quality is terrible. If I had good editing software, I’d reconstruct it myself using different sources.

(The Man With a Name) #2841

The full theatrical version of Enter the Dragon is on the first UK VHS release. Unfortunately Warner Brothers have neglected this cut and it still isn’t available. I have a fan project with the original soundtrack and footage from laserdisc re-inserted but it would be nice to have an official release. Until they release this version on Blu-ray, I’m sticking with my DVD-R.

(kevenz) #2842

of course Game of Death is hard to watch…. it’s an unfinished movie… just a prototype basically.

I actually enjoyed Game of Death 2 more because of Hwang Jang Lee :slight_smile: he’s probably my favorite villain in kung fu movies.