I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(The Man With a Name) #2843

If anybody wants the Singapore version of Game of Death with the greenhouse fight in, I have the old OOP DVD for trade.

(Asa) #2844

New blu-ray:

(Asa) #2845

New blu-ray:

(Søren) #2846

Just got a couple of additions to the Italian collection:

Emmanuelle and the Deadly Black Cobra


(Asa) #2847

New blu-rays:

New DVD set:

(Søren) #2848

One Italian goodie turned up:



(Søren) #2849

A couple of new Italian additions:

Nonnen bis auf’s Blut gequält
Die Rache bin ich
Deep Sex (dvd)

(kevenz) #2850

I watched Eyeball for the first time a couple of days ago…. pretty good giallo :slight_smile:

I watched the german blu but the new 88 films version has English dub.

(Asa) #2851

Upgrade from DVD to blu-ray:

(Søren) #2852

Yeah I already had the X-Rated blu-ray release. Am going to watch it with the Italian dub though when I rewatch it one of these days. Don’t remember much about it to be honest .)


Upgrade from the 88 version:



(Sebastian) #2854

how is the box, otherwise. I mean is it just repacks of the existing discs?

(Asa) #2855

I couldn’t tell you, mate. As I say, I’ve never owned any previous release of any of the other titles, so I’ve no basis for comparison. The Enter the Dragon disc is different to the others in that it’s a Warner Bros. disc. Doing a very brief comparison with my old Warner Bros blu (I still have it in the house, I gave it to my son), it looks as though it might’ve had some more prominent scratches and artifacts cleaned up and the menu presentation is entirely different but the extras are all the same.

The The Big Boss disc came with a bonus disc, upon which lies two features: Bruce Lee, the Man and the Legend from 1973 and Bruce Lee, the Legend from 1984 (I’ve watched neither as yet). I’ve taken some pics of the bonus extras on each disc, maybe you can tell from there if they’re repackages of existing discs. :+1:

(Sebastian) #2856

OK tell us more about Spongebob

(Asa) #2857

He wanted to watch Game of Death with me. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bill san Antonio) #2858

From Arrow:

(djvaso) #2859

Signed by the director Đorđe Kadijević


(Søren) #2860

A single Italian goodie in 88 Films “Italian Collection”-line turned up today:

Amazonia - The Catherine Miles Story


(Søren) #2861

A couple more today:

Giallo in Venice


I’m a sucker for these oversised Warner Bros boxes: