I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Asa) #2803

New blu-ray:

(Asa) #2804

New blu-ray:


(Asa) #2806

I f*cking adore Magnolia. Watched it only a couple of days ago and Jason Robards’ performance made me cry, as it always does. As do all the rest of them, really.

Crash is a cracking picture too. Underrated, I feel.


I knew you’d apreaciate the Magnolia purchase :wink:

(Bill san Antonio) #2808

Academy award winner for best motion picture. Underrated?


I noticed on Letterboxd it does have tons of really awful reviews.

(Asa) #2810

:slightly_smiling_face: Lol, yes I appreciate that saying “Apart from the Oscar, that movie didn’t get much love” is a bit like saying “Apart from the massive iceberg, The Titanic’s maiden voyage was a cracking little holiday” but it’s still kind-of true, I think. It seems to have sunk without trace (as of course do many Academy award-winning pictures). Just a personal perception of the movie as its viewed now, I could of course be wide of the mark. I just don’t see it having garnered the kudos many other films have over time.

(Andy) #2811

I got an email from Shout Factory that my pre-ordered copy of John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness blu-ray and limited edition poster have been shipped. This year I’ve been completing my collection of SF John Carpenter films. If anyone is interested, the official release date is July 24th. Sorry Region B folks but I think SF’s discs aren’t Region Free.

(Asa) #2812

New DVD:


Oh yes, Shout Factory are the masters at region locking :+1:

(Søren) #2814

No problem. Any serious movie fan can play every region :slight_smile: Or A and B at least. Have lots of Scream Factory releases. They release bundles of goodies.

(Søren) #2815

A bunch of stuff arrived while I was away on holiday. Among those these Italian goodies:

Death Laid an Egg
Lady Frankenstein
Zwei Engel mit vier Fäusten Vol. 1 (DVD)


(Phil H) #2816

Wow, you got these already?
These aren’t due for release in the UK until August 13th. Have my eye on both for sure.

(Søren) #2817

I supported the Indiegogo campaign from two years ago so got these slightly deluxe copies ahead of time. I even think you’ll find my name in the credits :slight_smile: Originally they were to have been released April last year but were delayed.

(Phil H) #2818

Ah, that makes sense then. Very cool to see a proper release of Questi’s chicken based masterpiece

(Søren) #2819

As a general rule I buy all chicken-related masterpieces. This one is best enjoyed with a bottle of J&B and a bucket of KFC.

(Søren) #2820

One Italain goodie turned up today but it’s one of the finer ones Joe D’Amato’s Erotic Nights of the living Dead starring Laura Gemser!!

GCDb page

(kevenz) #2821

I saw some screenshots of this blu ray and it’s the uncensored version with porn scenes in it :wink:

(Søren) #2822

Yep. Its the explicit version Code Red has released :slight_smile: Also the most ‘correct’ version unless you’re squemish :slight_smile: