I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

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New blu-rays:

Upgrade from DVD to blu-ray:

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New blu-ray:

(Søren) #2746

Just got the Koch Media-release of The Barbarians:

Also contains the Deodato-movie Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tutankamen as bonus movie on dvd. With Italian dub and German subtitles only though.

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New blu-rays:

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New blu-rays:

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A couple of purchases on Friday. Fopp are having an Arrow sale at the moment it seems. a whole bunch at £6 each.



(Phil H) #2751

Another day, another wander into Fopp, another handful of BluRays.
i wonder if there is a 12 step programme for people like me?





Does anyone have the Arrow Blus of Deep Red or Tenebrae? I’m tempted to upgrade from my DVDs but not sure if the Arrow releases are worth it.

(Asa) #2752

I’ve got the Arrow blu of Deep Red but, alas, I’ve never owned (or seen) it on any other format so I can’t really offer any comparative criticism. It’s a nice blu-ray, for sure. 4k scan of the original negative, Italian and English soundtracks in 1.0 mono, a commentary by an Argento specialist, bunch of features in typical Arrow fashion, you know the drill. And while they’re going cheap, why not? :+1:


I’ve got the Limited Edition of Deep Red which came with the CD, and the steelbook of Tenebrae. Both lovely releases. I’m tempted to double dip with Tenebrae as the Synapse version also looks great.

(Phil H) #2754

Well that’s what I figure. I just needed someone else to tell me that buying another edition of a film I already own is a good idea and not stupid at all. It would be nice if I could rely on my wife to play this role for me but seeing as though she seems incapable of doing the right thing I’ll have to turn to a random bloke in Essex instead.
And hey, six quid is genuinely a good deal so really you could say I am doing the family a favour. Whether they thank me for it or not.


Logic prevails ! LOL :rofl:

(Phil H) #2756

It did indeed.
Just picked these up. Whether the family see fit to thank me is up to them.



(The Man With a Name) #2757

Those are family films for sure. At least in my case, everybody likes watching Deep Red here.:grinning:

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New blu-rays:

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you sure buy everything don’t you :wink:

(Asa) #2760

No, I only buy good films and shows. :+1:


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Some goodies arrived today: