I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Asa) #2623

Just ordered:

Had to cancel my Sinbad box-set pre-order to afford it, but it went down to £77 fairly recently (it had hovered around the £95-£105 mark more-or-less ever since it had been released a couple of years ago) and then, just after Adam West passed on, it sold out and was only being sold on Amazon Marketplace in excess of £150, so when it came back in this week for £77 again I had to jump on it.

I’ll have to look at Sinbad another day. This’ll likely be my last significant blu purchase for a few weeks, I’ve got to pay some catalogue bills. Turns out Very.co.uk weren’t giving away Samsung tablets last Black Friday :slight_smile:.


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New DVDs (Birthday presents):

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New blu-ray:

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New blu-ray:

Comes with a black & white version of the film (“Logan Noir”) which is very good looking in some scenes but which feels nowhere near as essential as the black & white treatments of either The Mist (Darabont, 2007) or Mad Max: Fury Road (Miller, 2015).

(djvaso) #2628

Via Germany

Fnac.es (EUR 35.68)


I sat and watched these go out of stock when they were released. Luckily I found them on eBay recently…

(Søren) #2630

The Pieces deluxe version is still very much in stock. Is a slooow seller due to a too high asking price.

(Asa) #2631

Just pre-ordered:

Not out until the middle of October, though.

(Søren) #2632

That one went fast. Already OOP from Arrow. Did you manage to order it via Arrow’s own shop or did you pick it up from amazon like me? Would have preferred ordering it directly from Arrow but their website broke down and when it finally got back up several hours later in a slooow state the release was sold out :frowning: Never seen a release selling out that fast.

(Asa) #2633

Pre-ordered from Amazon. I’ve never ordered anything direct from Arrow’s shop.

EDIT: They’ve increased the digipak run to 6000 copies now to help with demand, according to their Facebook page. They won’t be selling it on their site again but people can pre-order both versions via Amazon UK and Zavvi, and via HMV from tomorrow.

(Asa) #2634

New blu-ray set:

Well, I already had Seven Samurai on blu but the other four movies are new acquisitions for me. And at £20 (in Sainsbury’s; presently £34 on Amazon UK) I thought that was a decent find.


Only one I haven’t seen there is Throne of Blood.

(Søren) #2636

Very decent find indeed. It’s been on my wish list for a while now. It has been down around the £20 mark on amazon but I of course neglected to pick it up at the time :frowning: Will be quicker on the button next time but damn there are just so much stuff being released :slight_smile:

(Asa) #2637

I hadn’t seen that one either but I watched it yesterday and it was so good I ended up watching it twice, back to back. Outstanding picture.

(Asa) #2638

New blu-ray:

Comes with a free blu-ray copy of Godzilla (Edwards, 2014) so, not bad value at all if you don’t have the earlier picture either.

(djvaso) #2639

Jugoslovenska Kinoteka (RSD 1800)

Base.com (GBP 6.27)

(Asa) #2640

Upgrades from DVD to blu-ray:

(Søren) #2641

A lot of misc. euro cult sleaze etc. releases turned up today:

Die Nacht der offenen Särge
Das Versteck
Durch die Hölle
Rausch der Sinne
Bloody Camp
Provinz ohne Gesetz
Die Mafia Story

(Asa) #2642

The Arrow blu-ray of Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD (Goodwin, 2014) which I pre-ordered in April showed up today. It’s just a documentary full of talking heads (and of no interest to anybody who has no interest in the British weekly sci-fi comic publication 2000AD) but there are hours and hours of extra content. I’ve been watching it for over four hours now and I’ve still got another three hours of extended interviews to go.