I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Asa) #2561

I like the look of that. £60 sounds a bit steep for three Sinbad films, though. I might preorder and then cancel in June if the price hasn’t slipped a lot closer to £40 by then.

(Toscano) #2562

Asa, I think you’ll find that the price will drop, significantly, on Amazon.
I checked on the Distributor’s site (Powerhouse Films), and they have it listed at £40.99. Amazon usually over-price their pre-orders, and then reduce them, just before release.

From what I’ve read, the set is a Limited edition box set of 6,000.

(Asa) #2563

I’ve just preordered it myself. If it slips under £45 I will definitely pick it up. If it stays over £50 I’ll probably leave it.

Good spot that one, Tosc.

(Søren) #2564

I’ve never seen it. I’m probably going to watch the Sexy Nature cut though. More flesh :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2565

It will hit around the £40 mark before release date, I guarantee you.

(Toscano) #2566

Just bought three box-sets that I’ve been after, for quite a while:


Beware of Part 1 in that Friday the 13th set, it’s cut. Weirdly enough, the single UK release of it is uncut.

PS. I recently got the big Scarlet Box Hellraiser set from Arrow, it is beautiful :slight_smile:

(Toscano) #2568

That doesn’t bother me, Dean. I already have the region 2 Blu-rays of parts 1-3.
Really, I just want the box-set for parts 4-8.


Excellent :slight_smile:

I have the the complete blu-ray box set, which now goes for offensive prices I’ve seen.

(Toscano) #2570

Not sure it will ever happen, but it would be nice if a Company, such as ‘Arrow’ brought out a super-duper ‘Fri. the 13th’ mega-set, in the future. I don’t think I’ll hold my breath, waiting.:slight_smile:

(Søren) #2571

The American release? I managed to pick that up as well right before it went OOP. Also got the UK Scarlet Box likewise “right on time” :slight_smile: Going through the Scream Factory Halloween set at the moment. Love those horror franchises :slight_smile:

(Asa) #2572

I’ve got all the Ft13th movies on single DVDs, but I’m not sure they warrant blu-ray upgrades. No… scratch that: “Warrant” is wrong. What I mean is that, to me, their scuzzy aesthetic doesn’t suit treatments which include words like “hi-def”, “blu-ray”, “digital”, or “DTS HD Master Audio”. Do you know what I mean? It’s all a bit too “clean” for old Jason (well, maybe Jason X can get an upgrade :wink:).

Part of me thinks Jason’s natural home is on well-worn VHS tapes, riddled with tracking issues. :slight_smile:


Yeah, the one in the tin :slight_smile: And yeah I have the Scream Factory Halloween set too, that one is also very expensive now!

(Søren) #2574

Haha. I know what you mean. The first couple of times I watched the then new Koch Media spaghetti western releases I was thinking why the hell am I not watching this movie in full screen with Greek subtitles :slight_smile: Sure, it was nicer looking but something had been lost in the process. I have moved on though and just yesterday I watched the Koch Media blu-ray of Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead and thought: wow.


Criterion are one of the best reasons to own a region free player :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2576

Kino Lorber and Scream Factory are better ones in my book but I hear what you are saying :slight_smile:


Oh man, they have to be the worst for region locking :smile: I got their Bill & Ted collection & Black Christmas blu-ray most recently :slight_smile:

(Asa) #2578

The ONLY reason to own a multiregion blu-ray player as I see it (and the one reason causing me to consider the purchase at all) is the hope that maybe, if enough people circumvent the fascism of region encoding, the evil twatspasms who do it will stop bothering.

Sticking it to the man is always a tempting policy. :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2579

Amigo whatever you choose to do it won’t change a single thing. Just get it done, you know you want those Region A-titles :slight_smile: The good news is that UHD is region free but its doubtful how many ‘fun’ titles will appear on that format for a looooong time.

(Asa) #2580

What do you mean, “fun” titles? If you’re talking about those grot flicks you like to pick up, I reckon you’ve got quite enough clarity on those titles already, you dirty hobbit!

You’ll go blind, you.