I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Søren) #2541

You are way ahead of me, I haven’t even got my set unwrapped yet :slight_smile: Have watched the movies before of course and the first one several times.

(Toscano) #2542

Well…get them unwrapped, and enjoy several ‘House’ parties, full of laughs, gore, and down-right entertainment!
And then - with all the Audio Commentaries and special features etc: enjoy them all over again!

I can honesty say, that this release, is one of the most fun releases ever!
(And NO, I haven’t got shares in ‘Arrow’.)

(Søren) #2543

A bunch of goodies turned up today:

La polizia chiede aiuto
Voodoo Passion
Ilsa the Mad Butcher
Jack the Ripper
Mädchen im Nachtverkehr
Die teuflischen Schwestern
Die Liebesbriefe einer portugesischen Nonne

(Sebastian) #2544

Part 2 arrived

(Asa) #2545

New blu-rays:

New DVD:

(Toscano) #2546

Although I don’t know anything about the ‘Deadspace’ games, I’ve just bought this double-bill, simply because I like animation, and I like Sci-Fi…

(The Man With a Name) #2547

Didn’t like the first one very much. Thought the electrician was really funny in the second one. That’s the one with the Aztec people, right?

(Asa) #2548

I haven’t seen Dead Space: Aftermath yet but I’ve got Dead Space: Downfall and I really liked it. IIRC it was quite well received among the horror community but given a lot less kudos from the more general movie review sites (I’m generalising, obviously). I had a very brief go of one of the games once but I didn’t really take to it, but then again I’m not nearly the gamer I was back in the PS2 day. I might give them another try at some stage, but I’ve still got a stack of PS3 games I’ve barely touched. If I don’t upgrade to the PS4 within, say, the next year, I doubt I’ll bother. You’d think that with a 13 year-old son in the house I’d be well up on the latest games/consoles but my lad is a poster boy for the dangers of videogame addiction. We let him have games but he’s heavily monitored. Maybe an hour or two per week on the PS3, and an hour or so on his laptop per day (inc.school work) provided it’s not all game time. It’s largely why I don’t do much gaming anymore. You can’t sit there boozing if your partner’s an alcoholic and you can’t sit there gaming if your son has a videogame addiction.

(Asa) #2549

New blu-rays:

Got to grab those Disney pics whenever they’re two-for-the-price-of-one.

(Toscano) #2550

Very wise words, Asa…

(Søren) #2551

Picked up a couple from Arrow’s recent March sale:

Woody Allen: Six Films - 1971-1978
Dekalog and Other TV Works

(Asa) #2552

Toscano’s Manga purchase above reminded me to chase down that second Dead Space movie, so I’ve just ordered:

My understanding is that it’s not directly a sequel to the first movie, it’s a bridge between the first game and the second game (the first movie being a prequel to the first game). I guess I’ll see if the time jump can be overcome/overlooked without the need to trawl through a nine year-old video game.

EDIT: Lol, f*ck it, I found used/vgc copies of the first two games on Amazon (Music Magpie) for a shade over £6 including delivery, so I’ve ordered those too. Will I ever play them? I doubt it, but for six quid it’s worth having them around just in case.

(Asa) #2553

New blu-ray:

(Toscano) #2554

Nice display, Asa.

I love the fact that the top of the trainers resemble a storm-troopers helmet.
Tell me, are you one of these avid collectors, who has a whole room stashed full of memorabilia, from a certain genre - so much so that you’ve had to build an extension to your house to accommodate them?:wink:
And - if so - then what is your most prized piece of memorabilia, from ‘Star Wars’?

(Asa) #2555

LOL, no. Our living room has unintentionally wound up somewhat Star Wars themed, though. When the toy stores started churning out the 18" “Big Figures” I wanted a Stormtrooper and a Darth Vader, which I bought and placed at either end of my DVD shelves, like bookends. And that should’ve been that.

But then I got a Darth Vader mug for Father’s Day, then @MazzyStar bought herself one of those £120 Bluetooth-controlled BB-8 toys which run around the floor (despite her having no prior interest in Star Wars whatsoever; she just liked the droid), and then we bought each other Stormtrooper and BB-8 mugs from the Disney shop because they were on sale, and we put all these things out on display with the Big Figures. And that should’ve been that.

But then I bought a Captain Phasma Big Figure, and followed that by buying a Kylo Ren Big Figure, because three Big Figures looked odd. Then we saw an R2-D2 plush toy and a BB-8 plush toy in Sainsbury’s, both reduced from a typically Disney £30 each to a fantastic £8 each, and we just thought it’d be rude not to get them at that price. So we did, and we use them as extra cushions on the sofa. And that should’ve been that.

But then Rogue One came out, and it was magnificent, so I had to get two more Big Figures: K-2SO and a Deathtrooper. And @MazzyStar decided we needed to complement the droid cushions with BB-8 lightshades.

And - so far - that has been that. :grin:

The Stormtrooper Kickers were a Christmas present but as yet I’ve been too scared to wear them since they’re so white. Maybe now the weather’s improving I’ll give them a test-drive. The Rogue One t-shirt was a sale item in Tesco, a fiver I think it was.

Well I’ve still got the Star Wars toys I used to play with from 1977-1983, all well used but also well loved and fairly well looked after, boxed up in the loft. Looking at eBay, the value of some of those items seems to differ wildly depending on the condition and the seller but I reckon a few of my pieces might be worth a couple of bob to someone without any of it being worth serious money. Not that I’d flog it anyway though (shy of a ridiculous offer of course). If I had more room I’d be tempted to get it out and display it somewhere.

(Toscano) #2556

Until the next time…:wink:

Cheers for all of that, Asa. Bet you’re wishing you’d kept your original ‘Star Wars’ toys boxed up, and in mint condition…which makes them more collectible.

But, when you’re a kid, the last thing you usually think of, is a long-term investment.

(Søren) #2557

The latest Mondo Macabro title turned up today:

Jess Franco Triple Bill (How to Seduce a Virgin / Countess Perverse / Sexy Nature)

(Toscano) #2558

Just pre-ordered:

Released on June 26th.

(Bill san Antonio) #2559

Countess Perverse is one of my favorites from Franco.

(The Man With a Name) #2560

My favourite Sinbad film is Sinbad and the Caliph of Baghdad but there’s no DVD release in the English language sadly.