I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)


The Bird with the Crystal Plumage is probably my favourite Argento film. Not sure If I can justify re-buying it yet, but that looks like another top notch Arrow release :slight_smile:

(Toscano) #2522

Just pre-ordered:

(Toscano) #2523

Yeah… I’ve noticed that.

I’m just waiting now, for ‘Amazon.UK’ to get off it’s ‘Bum Crack’, and send me my copy, that I’ve had pre-ordered since 16th January, along with ‘Fright Night’, and ‘Pieces’.

(Søren) #2524

Haha. I think official release date is today so anytime soon hopefully :slight_smile:

Got my copy directly from Arrow.

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Just bought:

I’m a big fan of Lee Marvin…and Chuck Norris can not do too much wrong, since appearing in Bruce Lee’s ‘Way of The Dragon’ (1972).

(Asa) #2527

Just ordered:

(Phil H) #2528

God knows why but I bought this one at my most recent visit to my regular DVD shop. Probably because it was only £3 and I always like to support any company releasing such things in the UK in spite of any misguided choices of titles on their part. I presume it’s the same quality picture as the one on all the cheap box sets from the U.S. To be honest I’m not sure I’m game enough to check.

(The Man With a Name) #2529

I remember having a good laugh with White Comanche. I’ll buy it if the transfer is good.

(Søren) #2530

Do tell about quality please.

I’ve often thought about purchasing the Warner Archive Collection release which should be decent and in OAR 1.66:1::

But if this one is just as good that is an more affordable way to go :slight_smile:

(Phil H) #2531

Will do mate

(The Man With a Name) #2532

Could you post some screen-shots?

(Sebastian) #2533

Yesterday I finally ordered the Lone Wolf and Cub collection and a few other neat things, such as The Bird With a Crystal Pluma and the often overlooked John Woo movie Hand of Death also Squadra Antiscippo

(chuck connors brother) #2534

I should have mentioned it before… I assumed it would look good because it was released after the Warner Archives disc, but it looks the same as the cheap box set quality, I have no idea why Odeon released it looking like this again, and they have such a random documentary as an extra, its bizarre.

(Asa) #2535

Just ordered:

(Sebastian) #2536

Part 1 of a recent order arrived today

(Asa) #2537

Upgrade from DVD to blu-ray:

(Toscano) #2538

Hi, Asa.

Bought this last week, but still haven’t watched it…

Good choice, from what I remember…I last watched it on VHS tape, when it first came out in the Eighties.

By the way, Asa, I’m in the process of packing, ready to move home, but I’ve been keeping a close eye, every night, on your last purchases…some very good ones…including ‘Seoul Station’., which I’ve yet to get.

Also, a very good review for ‘Kong - Skull Island’. :slight_smile:

(Toscano) #2539

I’ve just bought…and I’ll probably need them in the coming week…the essential action films for watching other people losing sweat, when you’ve been doing the sweating all day…!

I recently bought a truly brilliant Chuck Norris BD box-set, from Germany, containing four Chuck films. I’ve already watched ‘Code of Silence’, and ‘Missing in Action’. The set also contains 'Delta Force, which I watched last year,(Arrow release).
The only one to watch, now, from this set, is ‘Lone Wolf McQuade’, which I am saving, for a particular reason…not least because it has a great score by Francesco De Masi…and a truly epic martial arts duel with David Carradine (Kung Fu).

Buying the re-mastered set of ‘Bruce Lee’, on BD, last year, has whetted my appetite for more Chuck, after watching him battle Bruce in ‘Way of the Dragon’ (1972).

(Toscano) #2540

Well…finally got my edition of the ‘House’ collection.

I enjoyed ever second, of every film…marvellous, and thoroughly recommended!
In fact, I’d forgotten how GOOD these films are - tinged with both horror, and comedy…
I was sorry when the last one finished. However…still one very happy bunny!:slight_smile: