I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Asa) #2501

New blu-ray:

(djvaso) #2502

Zavvi.com (EUR 30.50)

(Asa) #2503

Just ordered:

It’s the second time I’ve tried to buy Godzilla 2000. The seller cancelled on me last time (item was damaged, I think they said). Hopefully I’ll have more luck this time.

(Asa) #2504

New blu-ray:

(Søren) #2505

Got the following the last couple of days:

Jaws Box Set
Deep End
That Sinking Feeling
The Playgirls and the Vampire

(Toscano) #2506

Just bought:

(Søren) #2507

A bunch turned up yesterday:

Sherlock Holmes Edition
Adriano Celentano Collection Vol. 2

Miami Vice - The Complete Series
Deadly Prey
The Escapees
Lips of Blod
Millenium / R.O.T.O.R.
The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant
The Rift
Queen of Blood
Rage of Honor
Pray for Death

(Toscano) #2508

I’ve just pre-ordered:

Released, according to ‘Amazon.uk’, on June 19th.

(chuck connors brother) #2509

Wow, looks like it will make up for their messed up release a few years ago

(chuck connors brother) #2510

(Asa) #2511

Upgrade from another blu-ray and a DVD set:

(Toscano) #2512

From memory, I seem to recall that there are a few ‘Marx Brothers’ fans on the ‘SWDB’…

Released on May 15th, this is for all of you, who enjoy a simple diet of Cocoanuts, Animal Crackers, and Duck Soup…
and; to follow up…Horse Feathers, and a wee bit of Monkey Business…

(Toscano) #2513

As an aperitif:

Bon Appetit

(Toscano) #2514

Also just pre-ordered:

Being both a fan of the late, great Lewis Collins (The Professionals), and the one constant star in our Universe, Michael Caine, I am looking forward to this ITV adaption being released, on Blu-ray. My only reservation is, perhaps, that it was initially shot in 4:3. This Blu-ray release, by ‘Network’, will be in ‘widescreen’…better picture quality, but less screen image, perchance?

(Stanton) #2515

The 5 early Marx Bros films are the real deal of the Marxens. Apart from Duck Soup not that well directed, but incredibly funny.

When they changed from Paramount to MGM the sentimental and conventional aspects began to take over.

(Phil H) #2516

This is true but the MGM films still contain some of their best and funniest sequences. A Night at the Opera in particular has some standout stuff in it. And the excessive songs and romantic fluff at least give you an opportunity to grab another beer from the fridge.

(Toscano) #2517

I seem to remember, Phil, that you are a wee bit partial to the zany antics of the ‘Marx Brothers’?

(Søren) #2518

A bundle of Code Red-titles turned up today:

Savage Attraction
The Jigsaw Murders
Hot Moves
Devil Times Five
The Black Gestapo

(Asa) #2519

Just ordered:

(Søren) #2520

Just got the new Arrow Video 4-movie House Collection:

Sold out from Arrow so scoop it up while you can :slight_smile: