I Just Bought … (Non-SW Shopping Diary)

(Toscano) #2461

Well…having watched both ‘Martian’, and ‘Interstellar’, at Christmas, I have to say…

Loved ‘The Martian’…man on distant planet, enduring against the odds…
As for ‘Insterstellar’…I loved the film, up until the last part…

…I couldn’t suss it! What the heck was it all about?

Seriously, I liked ‘Interstellar’, up until the last part…then…I lost the plot!


Welcome back, Toscano :slight_smile:

(Toscano) #2463

Thank you, Dean!!!

That means a lot!!!

(Asa) #2464

New blu-rays:

(Toscano) #2465


I’ve posted an image of this Bluray…don’t know if it will show, or not…

Anyway: Every once in a while, an animated film comes along, that ‘REALLY’ makes you think about life, love, wants, and needs…

At Christmas, I watched the excellent ‘Ethel & Ernest’, by Raymond Briggs…a very poignant, very beautiful depiction (in animation), of growing ‘old’ gracefully. It was a hard watch…

‘Wrinkles’ is cut from the same cloth…a hard watch…but, a rewarding one.

The film revolves around several memorable souls, living out their last days in a ‘Home’. Each of them are afraid of dementia, and the approaches of it, through their actions, behaviour etc.

As I said…not an easy watch…but one that we will all have to face, one day.

What is amazing, is that the emotion, tears, shame, abandonment, sense of loss…are all conveyed via animation…

(Asa) #2466

It didn’t work Toscano (Amazon images can be a bit of a bugger), but I’ve fixed it anyway. :slight_smile:

(Toscano) #2467

Cheers for that, ‘Big Fella’.

It is a good film. As I said, not easy to watch, but - with voice talent such as Martin Sheen, and Matthew Modine…

(Toscano) #2468

I’ve just pre-ordered the following Blurays, from 'Amazon. Germany:

Both titles appear to be English-friendly, and are listed as being released on 7th April.

(Søren) #2469

And now something a bit more sleazy :slight_smile: The following turned up today:

Empire of the Ants / Jaws of Satan
Mountaintop Motel Massacre
Lair of the White Worm
Zeta One
The Sex Thief
Schoolgirl Hitchhikers
Love Camp 7

(Toscano) #2470

I’ve just pre-ordered:

It has been years since I saw ‘The Survivor’, so I’m looking forward to it…one of the few James Herbert novels that was adapted into a film; unlike Stephen King, who seems to have every thing he writes turned into film.

(Asa) #2471

Just ordered:

(Toscano) #2472

Released this coming Monday, 20th Feb., I’ve ordered one of the very best historical dramas of all time:

(Toscano) #2473

Just pre-ordered:

(Asa) #2474

Just ordered:

Upgrades from DVD to Blu-ray:

Upgrade from Blu-ray to more feature-laden Blu-ray:

(Toscano) #2475

Just pre-ordered the following (released 6th March).

(Søren) #2476

A bunch of blu-rays turned up today:

Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye
Dead Heat
The Guyver
Raising Cain
Willie Dynamite
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

(The Man With a Name) #2477

I’ll have to buy those giallos when I can.

(chuck connors brother) #2478

I got Seven Deaths, Alfredo Garcia and Amuck is coming… Syndicate Sadists soon, and these

(Bill san Antonio) #2479

Cool cover for Syndicate Sadists. I always like to tease people with this particular film quiz “Which film has the first appearance of John Rambo?” :smiley:

(Toscano) #2480

Same here…I’m looking forward to ‘Amuck!’…